This is the solution to the question from "Quiz Time #1".

Solution to Quiz Time #1
Since the goal is maximum production we are obviously looking for production modifiers. Expansive gives 25% on workers, Imperialistic 50% on settlers, Aggressive 100% on Barracks and Expansive the same for Granaries. Industrial gives 50% on wonders and certain wonders receive a 100% bonus from resources, for instance Stonehenge, Pyramids and Great Wall from stone, giving an overall bonus of 150% for an Industrious leader.

Hence we´re looking for a way to abuse an Industrious leader together with a wonder resource. Since Masonry is required for stone, we need to work something else for four turns till that is researched. Barracks fit that slot with Stalin (Agg/Ind) as leader. Zulu is the civ of choice then because its Ikhanda costs 40 instead of only 33 hammers for a normal Barracks, allowing you to work those one turn longer with a stone plant (3 hammer) and another tile with an output of 3 hammers while Masonry is being researched.

Stalin of Zulu - 140 Hammers
  • work plains hill with forest turns 0-9
  • Ikhanda: 40 hammers (5 overflow)
  • Pyramids: 100 hammers (with overflow)

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This approach "just" requires a stone plant on a plains hill and another 3 hammer tile.

Stalin of XY - 146 Hammers
  • work 3 food turn 0-3
  • Barracks: 24 Hammers
  • work plains forest dear turn 4
  • Pyramids: 12 Hammers
  • work two plains hill forest dear turn 5-9
  • Pyramids: 110 Hammers

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This approach requires a stone plant on a plains hill and two plains hill tiles with forest and deer on them AND another plains dear with forest on it. Not exactly realistic to have that AND a 3 hammer plant, but hey... this is not about realism A 3 food tile needs to be there as well...

Thanks Miro

Suleiman of XY - 141 Hammers
  • city 1: work plains hill forest dear turn 0-9
  • city 1: Settler - 65 Hammers (3 overflow)
  • city 1: Pyramids -52 Hammers (with overflow)
  • city 2: work plains hill forest turn 8-9
  • city 2: Stonehenge - 24 Hammers

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This approach is somewhat different. It requires a plains hill tile with forest and deer on it next to the 3 hammer stone plant. After getting a settler, the capital starts Pyramids, while the second city is planted on another stone with a 3 hammer tile next to it working Stonehenge turn 8 and 9.

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