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Civics in Focus

Series on Civilization IV Civics

  1. Civics in Focus Part V: Religion

    Organized Religion

    Required Tech: Monotheism
    Effect: Can build Missionaries without Monastery, +25% for Buildings in Cities with State Religion
    Use: Spreading Religions in any game type, speeding up production of buildings in Ironman/ffa and classi/medi teamers.

    Organized Religion has three kind of uses. The first is in Ironman/ffa where its what you usually run longterm, when you were able to found a Religion. Missionaries can then be used to get the ...
  2. Civics in Focus Part IV: Economy


    Required Tech: Banking
    Effect: +1 Free Specialist per City, No Foreign Trade Routes, Foreign Corporations have no effect
    Use: Getting free additional GP points in Ironman/ffa and Renaissance to Future start games. Increasing research in combination with Representation. Speeding up start with additional Hammers from free engineers in Renaissance to Modern start games.

    Mercantilism provides you with a free Specialist in all your cities while ...
  3. Civics in Focus Part III: Labor


    Required Tech: Bronze Working
    Effect: Can sacrifice population to finish production in a city
    Use: Main means of production till Modern age

    Slavery is the most efficient way to produce till you either have a fully developed cottage economy running Universal Suffrage or workshops with State Property and Caste System. That is because with granaries growing your city and slaving that pop gives more hammers, then working mines with that pop during ...

    Updated August 26, 2010 at 07:21 by Shizanu

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  4. Civics in Focus Part II: Legal (Civ4)


    Required Tech: Feudalism
    Effect: New units receive +2 Experience Points
    Use: For 2 promos (3 with agg) on not-mounted units in Ancient and Classical Teamers. For tripple promoted mounted units in Medieval, Renaissance and Industrial Era Teamers. For tripple promoted German Tanks in Modern Era Teamers. For additional Promo in Ironman/ffa.

    As you can see Vassalage can be used in almost every setup. However it is only used by the whole team in Ancient ...

    Updated August 26, 2010 at 07:29 by Shizanu

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  5. Civics in Focus I: Government (Civ4)

    Hereditary Rule

    Required Tech: Monarchy
    Effect: +1 per military unit stationed in a city
    Use: For happiness till other civics are available in all game formats.

    Hereditary Rule is the only civic you have available for a long time (till you get constitution) and is usually only used in that time-frame. The other government civics that get available later on, are a lot stronger, so you switch to them.
    How to use Hereditary Rule is pretty obvious. ...

    Updated August 26, 2010 at 07:28 by Shizanu

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