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`AoN` Featurette 1: "Forks in the Road" Promo 1

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  • `AoN` Featurette 1: "Forks in the Road" Promo 1

    The first of three Age of Nations (AoN) featurettes is coming this July. Entitled "Forks in the Road", its first promo has been released. Running 00m50s in length, it contains no visuals from this production but dialogue snippets are present. A second promo next month will contain visuals from this work which storywise condenses what was originally planned for a full second season order.

    AoN is the first Real-Time Strategy (RTS) machinima series, and the first Rise of Nations machinima endeavour that also blends some `live-action` footage for good measure. AoN is produced and published by Apolyton Civilization Site, one of the oldest and premiere online computer strategy gaming fansites on the Internet.

    The promo is available in both DivX and Windows Media formats.
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