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Moo1 Realms Beyond Imperium is back

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  • Moo1 Realms Beyond Imperium is back

    Hi All,

    We are starting back up after a year break. These involve us all playing the same map with a couple varient rules generally and comparing results later by posting our reports. For Imperium 35 we will be playing the Sakkra and there are 2 maps to choose from (1 an easier map and 2 an extreme map based on your skill level).

    I hope to see a couple of you try it out. If you like MOO1, its pretty great. I realize this is a small percentage, but the more the merrier.

    (Of course I have under 20 posts...stupid of me for lurking forever...ok no links allowed)

    Thread about Imperium 35 (you can't copy paste..make sure you add the .'s)
    http www realmsbeyond . net/forums/showthread.php?tid=5835

    Exploit list (tactics not allowed)
    http www realmsbeyond . net/forums/showthread.php?tid=3403

    Difficulty: Two different maps are available; you can play either or both (e.g. using the gentler map A as a warm-up to get used to the variant, or as a fall-back in case you get slaughtered on the extreme map B). See the posts below for the details of each.

    Scenario: The amazing Sakkra powers of reproduction - the fastest of any race in the galaxy - come at a price: The emerald light of their home star of Sssla - or at least of a star just like it - is a necessary part of the reproductive process. As a result, civillian populations can only inhabit worlds that orbit green stars.

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    I have to decide immediately whether to settle. If I pass up the chance, so I can see what the scouts report back, I won't get another chance to settle at Gion for a full turn. You can only settle during the events phase, "between turns". Well, this size 80 planet is plenty good enough, so I order the ship to settle.
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      I'm also excited about getting back into Imperium 35 after a year-long break. It's great that you'll be playing the Sakkra race and have a choice between two different maps, one easier and the other more challenging based on skill level. In addition, bloxd io also bring me the same feeling. It's thrilling and has various modes to play.


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        The fascinating subject is incredibly helpful for my academic work. Even though pizza tower is a fun game, it also gives me more energy and inspiration to keep working.


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          Great to hear that you're starting back up after a year break! Playing the same map with variant rules sounds like an exciting challenge. It's interesting that for Imperium 35, you'll be playing as the Sakkra race and have two maps to choose from, offering different levels of difficulty. I encourage everyone to give it a try, especially if you enjoy MOO1. The more participants, the merrier! Unfortunately, I'm unable to access the links you shared, but I'm sure they contain valuable information. Good luck with your immaculate grid gameplay!