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    I am on my old laptop until my new power adapter comes in.

    Unreal World is on this computer and I will probably play it later.

    Give advice please.
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    Find the easiest way of catching food with your character and stick with it. I usually pussied out by playing a good fisherman and getting most of my food by fishing on a single zoomed in level. If you don't use your best skill to catch food during the first few months, you'll be spending all of your time catching and making food in order to avoid starvation. After you've built a nice home base with at least one building and some killed animal carcasses or smoked meat nearby, you can focus on building your secondary and tertiary food-gathering skills.

    The first step in building your own home base is not making a building -- it's creating a wall of fences from stakes to surround your sleeping area. This way, you won't be killed by a surprise encounter when you're resting. The most important thing to have around when building a base area is fresh water supply (=near a lake) so you won't have to be managing dozens of water skins. Short distance to a village (=trading) is another nice thing.

    If you want to swim in the game, buy it when building your character pre-game. IIRC you need to have >40% in order to avoid drowning all the time. If you decide to be able to swim, spent some time swimming during your first days. That way, it's not as frustrating if your character randomly drowns. Swim next to the (=parallel to the) land and when the screen says you're getting a bit tired, immediately go back to land and idle for a few turns before going back for a swim.

    Oh, and don't try to fight gluttons no matter what, they're as dangerous as they are in real life. You'll get killed.


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      VJ gave me a link to this thread on IRC, but I don't think I have any advice to offer on how to enjoy this game. I played it for an hour or two when 3.00 came out and got bored. Ah well...

      If you value survival: Fish, forage, run away from dangerous animals (such as squirrels, weasels, and sheep). If you're playing pre-3.00, build your shelters and cabins near the edges of zoom-in maps. The wall of fences mentioned by VJ is, as far as I know, mostly useful in that if a dangerous animal spawns inside your cabin (as they occasionally do) you can run out, climb over the fence and pick off the animal with a bow. Start the game in the spring.

      If you value a little bit of excitement: Hunt down dangerous animals, and if you're playing pre-3.00, don't abuse the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal property (i.e. you can hide from an animal if you are not looking in its direction), and worst of all, actually try to melee anything. Start the game in the summer or autumn.

      If you value dying in interesting but usually horribly painful ways: Seek out njerpezi camps, fight using swords and shields, start the game in the winter. (actually surviving through winter is one of the more boring parts of the game, and more than one of my characters has gone into hibernation forever simply because I couldn't be bothered to handle the winter)
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        I know nothing about this game, but this line piqued my interest:

        If you value survival: Fish, forage, run away from dangerous animals (such as squirrels, weasels, and sheep).