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Rise of Civilizations (Mobile game) – Anyone playing this?

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  • Rise of Civilizations (Mobile game) – Anyone playing this?

    A very detailed, well-paced real-time Civilization-esque game, Rise of Civilizations (ROC) has eaten my time over the past two weeks like few games have in years.

    It’s a freemium game like The Simpsons: Tapped Out, but unlike TSTO, there are a LOT of things to do here. You start in a city in a “Kingdom”, a vast area making up the game landscape (and itself just part of other kingdoms), and you have a protection shield around your city so you won’t get attacked too soon.

    I don’t want to go too into detail in the OP, but a few pointers if you decide to start playing this:

    1. The red gems are the money piece – hoard them for all they are worth and only spend them on VIP points, at least until you get to VIP level 6.

    2. Though this game allows you to spend money, for those who want to play for free, you can still do very, very well – even on the red gems. I spent $10 on gems, more as a “thank you” to the makers than because I needed them (I still haven’t spent them!), but other than that, I’m doing very well on the cost/benefit side of things.

    3. Join an Alliance straight-away. There are a lot of benefits, but the biggest one is that alliance members help you build buildings, research, etc, which makes building your city faster.

    4. Save your speedups, and more importantly, save your general speedups.

    5. If you’re the sort of player who likes to attack and attack and attack, or if you’re the sort of player who wants to sit back and collect resources, both styles are supported by this game.

    Here’s an intro guide to the game:

    Would like to hear your experiences, if you have played this, and for those of you who are looking for a new game, a “Civilization” for your phone, this is right up your alley.

    (I play on android, I assume it’s available on iphone, and there is a desktop version.)

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