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    Hi Guyssss!
    So, Yeah. I'm a new user but browse this forum very much. Since I played CTPII since December 14, There seem to be a disturbing problem. Well, the problem is that You get a fixed opponent every time. The British, Scottish, Irish, English, American, German and the Native American. It's pretty boring because these 7 civilizations are always my rivals. Are there any mod or solutions regarding this topic that will solve my problem? Also, I also tried the userprofile.txt thinggy but it failed.

    Thank You in advance!


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    Pleeease I really wanna play without this problem!


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      Originally posted by EmilioManila View Post
      Pleeease I really wanna play without this problem! Tile Mosaics
      Sad to hear that nobody answer your question. Did you fix it already?


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        Hello Emilio
        Your Problem lays in the userprofile.txt. This Text File can be found under following path (Win 10)
        C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Call To Power 2\ctp2_program\ctp
        There you looking for above mentioned File, open it, and search for the Entry NonRandomCivs=. If there is a Yes after the equals, then set it to No and you should have these random civs (Hopefully).