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    Originally posted by Oerdin View Post
    I'm going to have to reinstall this game and give it another spin.
    The MP servers are scewed up and will cause you pain if you try to use them. The only way to play MP currently is with the 'poly edition and PBEM.


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      1)Name or Nick Name: Ghaladh

      2)Country of Origin & Time Zone: Italy and Switzerland - GMT+1

      3)Languages spoken: Italian, English, German (very little)

      4)ICQ, AIM, or MSN messenger numbers: none

      5)E-mail Address:
      ghaladh at hotmail dot com

      6)A short player information section: I played Civilization from Amiga 500, Civ II and Civ III for PC and now I am a great fan of CTP2 Apolyton Edition. My playing style is quite "American-like": strongly oriented toward foreign-policy, supporting players and AIs with those the trade is convenient, fighting civilizations ideologically different from me (I like to role-play a little). For instance, if my civilization become Communist, I will start wars against Fascist countries and I will deny diplomatic relatioships with them, unless they change type of government. I also follow the "aggressive peace" policy, always trying to be the militar top-dog. I am more prone to have long lasting games :-).
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      The destination doesn't matter. What's important is the journey.


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        1)Name or Nick Name: Repeter
        2)Country of Origin & Time Zone: Canada, GMT+5
        3)Languages spoken: English, Gibberish
        4)ICQ, AIM, or MSN messenger numbers: --
        5)E-mail Address:
        6)A short player information section: I began playing CTP (Board game) and played all other CIV (Computer) versions. I look forward to meeting new players.


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          How do I play CTP2 Multi-Player with someone that is in another state?

          I am trying to figure out how to Play CTP2 with my uncle's in another state and can't figure out what i need to do. Lets say i just have CTP2 and no patches or anything, what all do i need to do to connect with him and play against him and enable someone else to join also from another location? We have played LAN games before but we have to be next to each other which isn't always an option. I've heard about being able to take turns thru email, but would like to know how to set it up differently also, but if u have any info on how to do the email turns then i would appreciate that also.

          Thanks in advance to anyone that tries to help.