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  • Modern Times Mod released

    Modern Times Mod (MoT-Mod) Released

    Modern Times Mod (MoT-Mod) has been specifically developped for the Apolyton Edition, using the enhanced modding features introduced by the AE.

    Modern Times Mod - as the name indicates - focuses on the modern era. "Post-modern" ages have been renamed, they still introduce new advances and units but their flavor ist less "utopic" than in the original game.

    Modern Times Mod incorporates all major improvments contributed by the modding community in the past 15 years, such as:
    • AI Terraforming
    • Visible Wonders
    • Natural Wonders
    • Diplomod
    • City Capture Options for the AI

    Modern Times Mod also introduces plenty of new features, such as:
    • 100 modern civilizations
    • 2 new city styles
    • Better Settling for the AI
    • Barbarian Cities
    • Merge Civs (surrender)
    • Monuments
    • Visible Capitol
    • a completely re-worked version of Frenzy AI
    • Military Facilities
    • extended Strategic States
    • Advances Through Trade
    • City Ruins
    • Pillbox and Barbed Wire

    Modern Times Mod comes with the following governments:
    • Tyranny
    • Early Gang (barbarians)
    • Republic
    • Monarchy
    • Theocracy
    • City State
    • Absolute Monarchy
    • Democracy
    • Socialism
    • Fascism
    • Fundamentalism
    • Advanced Gang (barbarians
    • Autonomous Collective (barbarians)
    • Virtual Democracy
    • Corporate Republic
    • Ecotopia
    • Technocracy

    Modern Times Mod uses basically the Tech Tree from Wes Whitaker's Med-Mod.

    Modern Times Mod introduces 56 new units and variants of units, most of them are government- or civilization-specific.

    Modern Times Mod aims to integrate diplomacy, governments, strategies, economy etc. in such a way to make the AI act more "rationally" and intelligently.

    For more info see the » Modern Times Mod Website.
    The modding knowledgebase: CTP2 Bureau (with CTP2 AE Modding Wiki). Modern Times Mod (work in progress): MoT-Mod for CTP2.

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    Sounds good too bad my new computer has mouse problems in CTP2 and my old computer is dead.


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      hi! any chance to transalate from german to english.

      thanks in advance


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        Call to Power 2 is now available on Steam and I found out the mouse works fine with 125 hz polling rate.