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  • Representing radiation

    Hello. I'm writing a game similar to Civilization 2. It's essentially a Civ 2 clone with enough differences to make it original. The theme is the future, in a post apocalyptic world. I won't divulge more than that.

    Anyway, I'm doing some graphics to represent radiation. What I currently have is pretty, but I doubt that it's very realistic. What does radioactive waste really look like? I think the only place I've ever seen it is in the movies. I suspect radioactive waste looks just like clear water. Maybe a little dirty.

    I digressed. I'm doing some graphics to make certain terrain tiles look irradiated. For example, I took a forest, made it wholly green, made some lines in it throb with a glow effect, and then put a green halo around it with lots of alpha. Let me see if I can attach a screenshot of what I have so far.

    In the screenshot, the tiles on top are normal forest, the glowing one is in the center, its row-mates are green forests but not glowing, the two tiles below the glowing one are brightened using a filter I wrote, and the forest on the bottom is normal.

    So, what I want to know, is this an ok way to represent irradiated terrain? What would look better if this isn't good. Does this look silly? There's no way it's accurate, since radiation doesn't glow. I guess I really need to make a complete map, with lots of glowing tiles before I can really tell how it will come out.

    Edit: This is just a graphics demo. I'm just trying various things right now, to see how they'd come out, and to simply write the code to create the effects I want.
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