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List of Scenario Ideas that Were Never Used

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    Okay two ideas, one radical, one typical but cool and never done to my knowledge:

    The first would be of Weimar Germany, the tribes would represent the different parties fighting for control of the country. Well rather it'd be the Communists vs the Nationalist groups, with the Social-democratic/center parties taking the role of the German government, and seeking to maintain control. This idea is in its infancy, but I see potential in it.

    The second scenario would be set in Asia at the turn of the last century. It would include the rise of industrial Japan, Europe's attempts at colonizing China, the US open door policy, the Boxer Rebellion and the Russo-Japanese war. I made this scenario once, and a lot of it worked out well and it was quite fun, but I got a new computer and somehow lost my data on it and never started it up again, but it would be a challenging scenario and nearly every civ was playable.

    Gimme yer thoughts!


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      James, you follow my train of thought. I've already created a scenario like the second one you mentioned (about China) and it's available in the ACS Mac section, under the name "Spheres of Influence." Anyone who wants to convert it is welcome to do so.

      A Weimar scenario would be interesting, especially if you threw in the French (who occupied the Rhineland for quite some time). Another scenario along those lines would be one set in the First Austrian Republic, in which Austria tries to prevent local fascist and communist revolutions while also avoiding being crushed between Hitler and Mussolini. I've wanted to create this for some time, but I can't find a good map of the Austrian area.
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        Wow, it seems that great minds think alike if you'll forgive the cliche. Yeah, I nearly forgot about France's role, but that would be a great addition, it sure would be hard to juggle dealing with the different factions as the SPD/Zentrum, or Weimar gov't or whatever, Bavaria's brief independence would be a great starting point for the scenario. Although I don't know Austria's history of the time as well as Germany's, it would be really interesting and have a larger timeframe, and more rivalry between groups with similar motives (ala the proNazis and the proFascists). Either one would be a great scenario, or even one akin to the one propositioned above with the 3rd Reich trying to expand, just centraled on the German-Italian rivalry for hegemony over Austria.Maps based on just one section of Europe seem to be rare, but I feel motivated to dust off my copy of Civ2 and see just how rusty I am at scenario making!