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    Dude that request for a crusaders scenario was made five years ago. Stephan haertel simply bumped this thread out of nostalgia.

    Better late than never i suppose.
    "Military training has three purposes: 1)To save ourselves from becoming subjects to others, 2)to win for our own city a possition of leadership, exercised for the benefit of others and 3)to exercise the rule of a master over those who deserve to be treated as slaves."-Aristotle, The Politics, Book VII

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    Last words of Emperor Constantine XII Palaiologos, before charging the Turkish hordes, on the 29th of May 1453AD.


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      Stefan made a really good joke, even if he didn't think about it ...
      and yesterday night it was too late for me to read exactly when this thread born...
      Well, next time I'll put more attention...

      However I'm really searching for MAMLUK scenario!!!

      If somebody knows the autor, I'd like call him for see his work... Just now I'm remembering he may be Heresson... I'll try to call for him...

      Ahem... Stephan:
      sorry, in yesterday's list... I forgot YOUR crusade scenario!!!
      Well, it was destiny...

      (btw : The Great Crusades was by Joel André)

      That's all folks!
      Maybe is better this thread back in the past (if nobody's thinking to do something about crusade... Don't now, maybe a FICT scenario with medieval graphic-units-techs but in today's world... Sometimes there're great men - in ALL the world - that speak about a "new crusade" against evil and so on... )
      "Dilexi iustitiam, odivi iniquitatem, propterea morior in exilio" [PAPA GREGORIUS VII +1085] - ("He amado la justicia, he odiado la iniquidad, por eso muero en exilio") - ("I loved justice, I hated unfairness, that's why I die in exile") - (J'ai aimé la justice, j'ai détesté l'iniquité, c'est pourquoi je meurs en exil") - ("Ich liebte Gerechtigkeit und hasste Ungerechtigkeit, deshalb sterbe ich im Exil")


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        Outremer was made by me, as well as Komnenai.
        Well, Mamluk scn is finished, I need to play it through the final time. there are some things I'd like to change, as the Romans (Byzantines) are generally too strong, but I have no event space for that. The Latins are perhaps too strong as well, but it makes the game more interesting I guess. But remember, the only playable civ are the Mamluks (Egyptians). Haven't tried to play other and I don't think one should try. I focused on Egypt completely. The scenario starts exactly when Louis was defeated and soon left the Middle East, so except not so good unit based on a medieval drawing of him, and a text indicating his death, there is not much of him in the scenario. However, I think I may do a re-make of Outremer this year.
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        Middle East!


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          I think that a more fun fictional scenario would be one replacing the ottoman empire with a new byzantine empire, many opportunities for such a replacement, like late 15th century, 16th century, and generally up to the napoleonic wars

          Gagliado: i was happily suprised that my scen was mentioned (although it ultimately isnt very playable) but i would like to note that it IS historical, the empire of Thessalonike was a real empire, formed when the despotate of Epiros conquered/liberated Thessalonike. It is referred to by that name, i am not sure if it was called that at the time as well though (it only existed for three decades, or even less than that anyway).

          The eternal problem with byz scenarios is that due to the generally small size of the balcan peninsula (not a lot bigger than 1 1/2 times france i think) it is hard to have them in a map of the entire europe, without being forced to have the byzantines have just a few cities in Greece, or crowding everything, also generally the bigger scale map isnt rellevant, unless it is set in a previous age (Heraclius i guess will be like that).

          ps: Heresson, i am still waiting for your negative comments on my scen

          oh well perhaps my third scen will be better, i mean the improvement from the first to the second one was massive! (then again that was mostly due to the abysmal first scen heh)

          (sorry for going a bit off-topic!)

          edit: so as to finish on topic: what about a hypothetical byzantine-chinese pact? there was a scen where both civs were in play. infact it was a rather nice scen, although i dont remember playing it much, the map ruled anyway
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