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  • Electile Dysfunction-help!

    Bet the title got your attention. Heh.

    Anyway, now that BK is done, and I don't intend to make or release the next update of it until there are signs that there are any prospective players looking for an update , I've been thinking of what project to tackle next. I think I need more experience before I'm ready/worthy to begin work on the FF mod, but I did think of another idea, which this thread is tentatively named after: the United States presidential campaign, and the chronic inability of our leaders to "keep it up" ratings-wise.

    The scenario would be objective-based, with electoral votes as objectives. Obviously there would have to be a lot of major objectives in CA. Resources are Voter base Growth (food), Staff Supply (Shields), and Campaign Funds (trade). There are six campaign styles of government:
    Demagogy, a platform of stirring up hatred of whoever's in charge, which doesn't efficiently manage funds and resources (high corruption).
    Progressive, a more positive call for reform with superficial similarities to Demagogy, but somewhat improved.
    Grassroots populism, which results in supereffective Spin Doctors, or spies, has an equally small amount of wasted potential everywhere due to reliance on idealistic volunteers, and can suppress unhappy Swing Voters with doubled efficiency.
    Corporate Whoring, which has a monopoly on Special Interest missile units, buys the election by suppressing swing voters altogether, and churns out funds like mad, but stifles all attempts at flexibility by selling your candidate to the wishes of the highest bidder.
    Pandering, which generates broad support from all over by promising everything to everyone but suffers when you have to get your people to get off their fat butts and hit the campaign trail.
    Moderate, which is like Pandering but harder to assail and even more delicate-take a bold step in any direction, and you're no longer a moderate.

    Improvements-wise, I'm thin. Campaign HQ for Palace, obviously, but what else?

    Units: PR guys and Spin doctors handle diplomacy, Celebrities have high appeal/attack but ultimately have no worth and therefore low defense, Union reps are tough but slow, Volunteers act as settlers, etc.

    Wonders work kind of like Colonization. You get campaign advisors instead. Rupert Murdoch is the Great Wall, for example. It's absolute war between Democrats and Republicans so the forced cease-fire is meaningless, but his media control makes attacking your voter base a pain in the rear. And he crushes Third-Party barbarians like bugs by refusing to give them coverage. Al Sharpton lets you build Agitators, which wipe out all resistance but kill off the area's interest in politics entirely.

    I need input like nobody's business. Any suggestions for other improvements, or for units or wonders for that matter? Also, Spin Doctor isn't quite the right word for a guy who bribes and cajoles local officials into switching sides, IMO. Any little tidbits, or source sites I can turn to? I'm gonna need a lot of pics, obviously. I might even need a scenario co-author.
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    If you need icon/art help, I'm willing to help out.


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      This is going to be good.
      Calling all Designers, the SL CivGroup is open for business!


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        Thanks to both of you (I have to restrict my online time at the moment, so I only get to check up on stuff here in short bursts). As for the offer of graphics help, I want to wait until I'm sure which people I want as Wonders so I don't waste your time. I've already come to the conclusion that Agitators would just unbalance the scenario too much, and scratched Sharpton...when I figure it all out, I'll be sure to ask, with much thanks in anticipation.
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        Pyrebound--a free online serial fantasy novel