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  • Just read through that big post, great work!
    I seriously applaude Catfish for his super efforts in making this scenario bug free!

    Right now, I am making good all the points raised and have fixed that 2nd Monotheism tech...

    Seems something went barmy (most likely me) when making the tech tree...

    I usually start with a doc that lists all tech areas and mini-tech paths.

    How I managed to screw it up is only known by the Ancient ones!

    The Crusader's tech specials run thus:

    Divine Lore, 4, 1, RR, nil, 0, 3 ; CoL
    Creationism, 4, 0, CoL, nil, 0, 3 ; Las
    Monotheism, 5, 1, Las, nil, 0, 3 ; MT
    Theology, 3, 2, MT, nil, 0, 3 ; The
    Theocracy, 1, 0, The, Mon, 1, 3 ; Fun 31
    Celestial Study, 4, 1, The, nil, 0, 3 ; SFl

    What a pious lot they are!

    Now I will turn my attention to fixing that fort epidemic and beefing up the Undead to a terrible force.

    The stealth Spectre will be part of the new stuff, I forgot about that ToT ability!

    Also I will tackle the other bugs from this list and adopt the updated SCN.

    Catfish is the Hero of Bitterfrost!


    • How's the Bitterfrost ToT fine-tuning coming Curt ?
      "The more things change the more they stay the same."


      • I am adding bits and bobs slowly!

        I want to add all the improvement art, etc...
        Also all the associated text files will be updated...

        New sounds too will be made...
        Stay tooned, I will get this one finished as soon as possible!


        • thanks for the update and good luck Curt!
          "The more things change the more they stay the same."