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Pillaging how do I ???

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  • Pillaging how do I ???

    A. remove the ability from the game?

    B. Remove the ability from some land units but not all?
    Pavlov Zangalis - Hero of the capture of Berlin RFDG.

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    You could probably get rid of the option in the options menu, but I think the short cut is hard wired.


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      You can stop the AI from pillaging by using CivCity to change the "Founded by" byte of cities to the AI civ most likely to pillage. That stopped them cold in EA.

      As for humans, I wonder whether some judicious editing of Menu.txt and Game.txt might work. At the very least, you can plaster menus, @PILLAGEWHAT, and @PILLAGEMENU with warnings that it's against your rules. What happens when you edit @ORDERS of Rules.txt?
      [*]No way that I know.

      As a workaround, you might be able to set up certain terrain(s) as 'improved'. Maybe something like this.

      0      ; Base time for engineers to transform terrain (x2)20
      ;Name, m,d,  f,s,t, irr, f,#t,ai,mine,s,#t,ai,xform,impassable 
      Farm,  1,2,  3,1,0, no,  0, 1, 0, no, 0, 1,0,  Pln,   no, ; Drt 
      Grass, 1,2,  1,1,0, Drt, 0, 1, 0, no, 0, 1,0,  no,    no, ; Pln
      This way only settlers can 'pillage' via the transform command (which should be renamed).[/list=a]

      Hope this makes sense.

      Can these settings be made in Civ3?

      [EDIT HT's faster]
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        What I am trying to do is allow pillaging by some units and not by others (player only) not ai. This is already a pre made scenario (red front1.5)

        I have edited out the ability to pillage fortress (thanks for tip game.txt) and will edit a warning in text when pillaging to remind of rules.

        Pavlov Zangalis - Hero of the capture of Berlin RFDG.