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  • civilization game + source

    Last year I started to work on a Civilization 2 type game but I lost interest in it. A few days ago I started working on it again.

    There is a limited edit mode so you can create units and alter the surface.

    The green player is controlled by the computer. Limited ai that is.

    Press F1 for the ingame keys

    There is a small battle screnario to play and you start with 5000 gold with which you can buy your units.

    download the game here :

    The sourcecode is included. The sourcecode is in basic. Blitz basic to be precise. (

    The game is public domain

    I hope to add new things to the game in the future. Ideas are welcome

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    Hi nebula:

    There is an Alternate Civs forum that this would probably belong better in.

    Good Luck with the project!

    Project Lead for The Clash of Civilizations
    A Unique civ-like game that will feature low micromanagement, great AI, and a Detailed Government model including internal power struggles. Demo 8 available Now! (go to D8 thread at top of forum).
    Check it out at the Clash Web Site and Forum right here at Apolyton!