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Ascendancy - An awesome game

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  • Ascendancy - An awesome game

    Is there anyone out there other than me that has played this game?

    I mean I rank it with up there with civ and MoO2.

    But what ever happened to a sequel?

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    I remember it


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      Of course I know that game! I used to play it for hours without interruption.
      My father grew mad at me for using the computer so long.

      But it was too easy. Once I got the hang of it I never lost again no matter what the AI threw at me unless, of course, I wanted to help the AI a bit.

      And there is s sequel being worked upon. I've read about it on the website of the company one or two month ago.
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        I played it a couple of times when it first came out. I totally lost interest because: 1) the AI was moronic even by AI standards, and 2) once a few planets got well along in development, the micromanagement was endless and mind-numbing. Most reviewers rated Ascendancy as nearly the disappointment that Outpost was.
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          I agree, I played the demo and thought this is a fantastic game. Then when I had the full game I realized it was just too easy and of course the also mentioned micromanegement problems. There are so many screens you have to click through I actually wore out the buttons on two mice.
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            I played Ascendancy, and i still do.

            Yes, the AI is awful and the micromanagement really sucks. But the game is funny.


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              Ascendancy and Outpost get conflated in my mind. Both share the same two deadly Bad Game (tm) characteristics:

              (1) mind-bogglingly stupid AIs

              (2) mind-numbingly boring levels of micromanagement

              However, I know that some people enjoyed one or both games. Hmm... what was I saying in my SC2 thread about "one man's trash is another man's treasure"? :-)



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                  I was really into it...Then MOO2 came out and I never played Ascendancy again. A lot of the thaings that I did not like in Ascendancy are handled better in MOO2.


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                    I remember this one. Played it through a couple of times then put it on the shelf. It wasn't bad the first time through, (I like micromanagement), but became less fun because it wasn't much of a challenge after that.


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                      which races did/do you all prefer?


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                        The Lizards (Comanchis?), for the tech advantage. Also like the Nimbloids. I think they could build stuff fast.


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                          well, I know which race you are talking about. the Chamachies... Comanchies are an American Indian tribe..

                          yes, I also prefer the Chamachies, and of course for their tech advantage. I don't remember the Nimbuloids special ability


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                            I also liked the Gaian type race that could make a planet cornucopia every 100 turns or so. That was nice.
                            Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will, as it did Obi Wan's apprentice.


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                              the Gaian race is G A Y !!!!

                              they're all women, I don't like to play as a female being... it's so GAY

                              but the Chamachies are in fact a nice race, and that ability of the Gaian or whatever race is also good