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Age of Empires II discussion thread.

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  • Age of Empires II discussion thread.


    anyway, considering that many people here play Civ, one would also assume they play Age of Empires and Age of Empires 2...

    So what do you think about the games? Find them educational? Enjoying? Just a waste of your money?
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    Please move this thread to the Other Games Forum. Thank you.
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      They are nice games for kiddies . My son liked it alot when he was 8 but now he is 9 he prefers CIV 2 .
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        If you consider that Civ2 is worth every penny of the money that it originally cost 50 dollars, approx. . then AoE would be worth about 5 dollars.

        In other words, its kind of a fun game. Worth SOMETHING at least. But to even try to compare. . to even include the mention of Civ2 and AoE in the same post!. . is laughable.


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          Moved to "Other Games" forum where it belongs.

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            AOE does not just worth 5 dollars for its good multi-player games (and the playback!)

            Certainly not as enduring as Civ 2, but it still takes up much of my time. Though it does not offer any breakthroughs in RTS, it is nearly bugless and the races are balanced (except Teutons).

            There is now a big tournament for AOK going on in the mrfixitonline site.
            If you have played multi-player AOK in the past, you can get some of the savegames and see the giants battled against each other.

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              I own the game only because of the scenario editor. I simply like designing scn's for other players.

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                Wow, such condescension!!! I just reckon you guys are a bunch of slow pokes who hide behind the fact that TBS games are 'more high brow'...

                AOE II Regicide is excellent IMO when played on the LAN with a bunch of mates... Sure it's RTS - that just means you have to be a quick thinker and not a plodder...

                Say, Chow - I've not been playing this game long, what would be your best defence against huge formations of Human controlled and maxed Briton Longbowmen?

                What's your favourite Civ and why?

                Any good websites?
                Is it me, or is MOBIUS a horrible person?


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                  Mobius: There is no cost-effective + efficient counter to mass of British longbowmen. Mass skirmishers are cost-effective but not efficient (You will run out of population limit). Onagers are good counter but too expensive and slow to mass. Cavalry is good if the British forget to use pikeman for defense. For water-type map, galleons are the best counter. For the best counters to longbowmen, it should be preventing British to mass them by preemptive strikes.

                  My favorite Civilization is Chinese. Yet in my usual games, I just random. My skill level is below average. I have read much about AOK but don't have the reflex for mastering it.
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                    I play AoE and AoK - they are so well done. The graphics alone are worth every penny. I love eveything about these games except one thing: the stupid early rush. Sometimes I am so busy clicking and building and fighting that I have no time to examine and appreciate the excellent graphics.

                    Maybe someone, in some future RTS game will put in an option that will let you decide how long you want to wait before you are attacked: 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes. This way you can play at the level of frenzy that you want.

                    The early rush is the only nit-pik I have with these games. Other than that - they are excellent.

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                      AOK looked good, but even when I turned the speed all the way down it was just too fast. Maybe if I had a slower computer
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                        Get a used Pentium-166 or slower . My friend has one and I've seen the game on that machine...
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                          good history, good graphics, monotonous click-fest.


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                            Originally posted by Steve Clark on 08-10-2000 05:52 PM
                            good history, good graphics, monotonous click-fest.

                            civ2: bad history, medium graphics, even more monotonous click-fest

                            I hahte it and simultaneously love it when people bring arguments against their own statements

                            AoE II is definately more up-to-date than civ2... and I have to say... after 4 years of civ2 and half a year of AoE II:

                            I sometimes have the feeling than AoE2 is more fun that Civ2

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                              It's an interesting game, but the original AoE's singleplayer became extremely boring (with custom campaigns being an exception) after I tried multiplayer and multiplayer does get old.

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