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What game was the biggest Dud of 1999

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  • What game was the biggest Dud of 1999

    What do think was the biggest disapointment of 1999

    I chose Ultima IX

    I found the plot linear, and you can't exactly look past bugs, that don't allow you to finish the game. I checked the Ascencion community forum and many other people encounter the same bugs, I managed to get past a few of them by applying cheats, and turning off the video, but I the game decided it would crash with out fail on what I think was the final battle.

    Plus you can't compare this game and it's plot to a masterpiece like Ultima VII.

    OK Ill admit that the plot was captivating enough to make me try to get around their bugs, but whats up with have to do practically everything in a linear fashion. I want to go to whatever city whenever I want. There is no sceduling (the charactors stay out all night), and most of the story line is created by movies rather than player interaction. Plus I thought the plot rather weak, and obvious.

    As OldManMurray put it the game is broken, and does not work.

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    From what I saw on my roommate's system of Ultima IV (he has a Voodoo III/ PIII 550), I'd have to agree. It looked like a halfway decent game, but graphics were just unplayably awful.

    Lets see what else... every star trek game that came out, I thought at least one would hit the mark! but nope, they all pretty much stunk.

    From what I hear of Omikron its pretty dissapointing.
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      Easy, Civilization: Call to Power.

      Ultima IX on the other hand was an impressive game.
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        Totally agree. CtP was THE big disappointment of 1999. I have Ultima Ascension but will withhold judgement until a) the game is patched, and/or, b) I get a faster computer system.

        For now I am fully absorbed in Planescape Torment so I'm not missing UA too much.



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          I nominate "Satr Trek: Birth of the Federation".


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            I was very careful with what I bought this year, CTP wasn't the biggest dud, but it was the biggest disappointmen that I bought. Coming in a close second would be Brave Fencer Musashi Even though the gameplay was very original, the plot sucked, and the map was small.
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              Indiana Jones.
              Just another tomb raider clone with nice graphics.


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                both Star trek BOTF and Civ CTP sucked and i wasn't impressed with Civ TOT either..... now i just download games from ftp sites and decide if i want them.... i am tired of shelling out 50 -60 dollars a game to realize.... two words.... IT SUCKS , if gaming companies put better products out ... i may not burn nearly as many games
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                  Call To Power and Alien Crossfire.

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                    CtP. I'm not as down on it as many are, but it still is the least played of my (small) collection of 1999 games.

                    ::added after re-reading "What have you bought in 1999" thread::

                    Oh, yeah: Caesar 3. Not a bad game (for city builders, that is, as Impressions got rid of the province mode), but it was nothing but "more of the same." More Gods, more temples, more requirements, etc. {yawn} If you liked the provinces, you were even more disappointed with this game. At least CtP wasn't just going through the motions (we had to wait for ToT for that in the Civ series!)
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                      Ultima IX Ascension, by and large. I had waited years for it, but I was very disappointed at what I saw. Ok so the story was somewhat interesting (I didn't get far enough into the game - it was that unplayable) but some of the dialogue absolutely sucked (especially the Avatar's "What are the virtues?" - PLEASE!). I was lucky to get a refund. Maybe in 5 years time when I've got the latest system and it's on the discount rack at the local store I might buy it again, but for the moment I'm not going to spare a thought on it.


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                        The nominations for the "I don't believe I wasted money on the ****" award.

                        Ultima Ascension
                        Civilization Call to Power
                        Civilization Test of Time
                        Caesar 3

                        And the winner is

                        Ultima Ascension for proving that you don't need programming and story telling skills to make ****ty crpg's.
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                          The game I picked up in 1999 that was the biggest disappointment to me was Diplomacy. I found the AI almost impossible to ever work with, (it just jumps around from chat room to chat room without ever giving you time ask it questions, etc.).. plus its play wasn't very good (Not that I was expecting that part).

                          Another game I found disappointing, tho I do plan on giving it a second chance was Imperialism II.. I so loved the first one, and was so excited about hte second one, but I just couldn't get into the play mechanics. Birth of the Federation II had a lot of potential, and fell short, but it at least got played some so I dont feel like I completely wasted my money on it... and my copy of TOT wasn't a wast of funs because I had lost my copy of CIV II a year or so before, and just bought Test of Time cuz it was actually cheaper than Civ II. . I have played like one game on the fantasy map and none on the Sci-Fi its just a copy of Civ II to me, which is a great game



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                            If "Privateer 2" came out in 1999, then it was the biggest disappointment of 1999. If not, then it was the biggest disappointment of 1998.