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  • X-com: Past and present

    Up until number four, X-com was one of my favorite series of games. However, I didn't at all like what they did with Interceptor, and already know I hate Alliance. Why, why, why did microprose have to take as excellent a game style as that of the first three x-coms and mangle it into first an abysmal flight sim and than a sure-to-be abysmal first person shooter? They pretty much gutted the research and base management aspect of the game for Interceptor! What's wrong with them? That was fully half the game right there- it's like they lobotomized it or something!

    And now I hear rumors that staff cuts at microprose is putting Genesis in peril. When will the madness end? I hate the way microprose has developed these past few years. What were they thinking putting out all those mass market real time games, all of which were destined for the bargain bin? Mech commander? Birth of the Federation? E-mail games x-com? Ghack! If it weren't for rollercoaster tycoon I'd say they DESERVE whatever money problems they may be having.

    Well... I guess they are trying. Genesis, MOM II, and MOO III all seem to be an attempt to return to the proven formula of deep, thoughtful strategy games. I can't help but wonder what mythos would have done with x-com if they had kept control of the series. Mythos-developed X-com apocalipse was a damn fine game, even as the half complete amalgamation of failed dreams it turned out to be. I loved the combat system. If only they would let you do multiplayer battles. And whatever happened to the rumored play as the aliens sequel? Will genesis be that? Speaking of genesis, I know almost nothing about it. Does anyone have any information on it?

    RTS is a blasphemous abomination of the pure form of computer gaming, unless it is done REALLY well, ala apocalypse. Why hasn't anyone done a remake of apocalypse? I'd buy it. Will anyone buy alliance? NO! qed.