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  • FIFA 2000 from EA Sports

    I just got this little gem yesterday and I think it doesn't hit stores in the US for a week or so, and prob a while longer in the great big outside world.

    I was disappointed with Fifa99, and I think Fifa2000 corrects some of the issues I had with the game. At first play the control and movement is pretty similar to Fifa99, same special keys, etc.

    There are some enhancements to the game play that I found to be VERY helpful. The biggest one is in direction and passing control. There is an arrow that points away from the guy you are controling in the direction you are facing, and that arrow turns green, yellow & red based on whether there is a passing lane open to an offscreen player.

    The strategy management controls give you about 10 times more options - zone vs man-to-man, long-ball vs quick passing, attacking wingbacks, etc.

    When playing the English season as Chelsea, I was pleased to find the entire calander of games included, FA Cup, league, and Champions League.

    The announcers surprised me; the text was almost identical to the announcing text from Fifa99. I would have thought that they could change a couple of words.

    The American version has MLS stuff all over it, and I would be VERY surprised if the packaging was the same for the EU and Latin America.

    Fouls are better, injuries more frequent and realistic, % of shots on goal is no longer 100%, defense of corners is better...

    Sorry Kropotkin; no GAiS! Maybe next year.
    Be the bid!

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    What!? No GAIS? Championship manager 3 has GAIS and is thus a much better game, BOYCOTT FIFA2000!!