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Solution to Rush Build Bug!?

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  • Solution to Rush Build Bug!?

    I have thought up a solution, but do not know how to implement it. Someone more familar with the way the game is put together should easily come up with a patch(Activision?).

    Since CTP1 and CTP2 share the same game engine, I worked on the theory that CTP2 is just glorified CTP1. Using this logic, the "Rush Bug" as I will call it, is in both games. Then why can't you do the trick in CTP1? Activsion basically improved some of the short-commings of the first game, as pointed out in the forums. One was the game interface, how players get information and enter choices into the game. One interface that was added was the city build screen. On this screen you can do all you build stuff, set a queue, switch queue order, and RUSH BUILD. In CTP1 you could not do stuff with the build queue and rush build from the same interface. You had to switch to a seperate interface, so the RUSH BUILD button was not on the same screen as the build queue. So using my basic premise, the "Rush Bug" is in both games, you just have no way of accessing it in CTP1.

    Mr Ogre gave us the method to possibly fix this "Rush Bug" when he leaked the existance of PBEM/Hotseat in CTP2. This also fits into my CTP1/CTP2 theory. PBEM/Hotseat was included in the basic CTP2 to start, since it was already written into the game code for the last version of CTP1. But the new Diplomacy SLIC didn't work right in PBEM/Hotseat. This due to the counter-proposal feature would be my guess. But it was in there just the same, so instead of writing it out of the game code, Activision covered up. They made the PBEM/Hotseat buttons disapear. Mr Ogre told us how to bring them back, but I forgot how and the old post seems to have been lost in the transition to the new forum set-up. I do remember it envolved changing some values by removing the minus(-) sign.

    So, why could we not remove the offending RUSH BUILD button from the city build screen? If this works I think the only way to make online play fair again is to have Activison release the fix as a patch that will change the game version number. So we could have seperate game lobbies in online play for those who wish to have a fair fight.
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