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A bug? or is it?

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  • A bug? or is it?

    I'm playing on Palpatine's Huge world map, but only with 12 Civs (28 civs was way too much for my machine), and I've doen a bit of modding (adding Storm Marine units from CTP1 to replace the weedy looking hoever infantry, and chariots, but nothing too drastic). There's Dale's Diplomod running too.
    I've also made a few minor changes to some of the units, to get a game balance that I prefer... things like stopping Artillery from moving in mountains like infantry (if Tanks can't do it, why should artillery?).

    I'm the Egyptians, and I've got all of Afica and the Middle East, I'm doing well and I don't want to give the game up because of bugs...

    What's happening is that I've now got Mobile SAMs, which I'm building lots of, as the Fascist Spanish are being a bit beligerent and have discovered bombers... Anyway there's a few mobile SAMs which, whenever I move them, the game crashes completely, and I'm booted out straight to windows (which sometimes hangs as a result)....
    I'm fed up of disbanding these tricky mobile smas and building new ones (this seems to work, but then in a couple of years I'll get another mobile SAM with this bug).
    Does anyone have any ideas? I've checked the obvious places, like units.txt, and the like (I've made no changes to the mobile SAM unit though). I've also given the unit different sounds, to see if they had been corrupted or something, but this isn't it... I can move these mobile SAMs when they're stakced in an army with other things (as long as they're not the unit on the top), but as soon as I unstack it and move it by itself, the game crashes...
    Is this a problem with the graphics (hmmmm maybe I should replace the sprite and test that...). The problem with that is that most of my mobile SAMs are fine, it's just a couple of them that cause this problem. If it was a problem with the unit in general, surely it would crash whenever I moved ANY of them?

    Are these particular units confusing the game? and not being entered as proper armies or something, and stressing my poor machines resources. This is game mechanics, and I don't know much about that....

    (this monster sized map is now pretty full, the turns take a minute or two to turn over on my K6 450MHz with 128MB RAM)

    Any ideas anyone, has this happened to anyone else?


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    Your setup should be OK. It shouldn't cause any bugs and I think you gotn't any error messages related to any *.txt file.

    One problem could be that you used the scenario file structure for your mod. I know you have to put the map itsself into a scenario folder but that should be everything.

    I tried it too and I got the various savegame bugs, like the extra turn bug if you reload a savegame or corupted savegames. I played my private mod that includes DiploMod and at ones most of my savegames where corupted also savegames that I already loaded successfully.

    I had to start a new game.

    Therefore for your next game you should use ModSwapper take a look on CityMod2 that is available on my page for reference. If you have some questions about ModSwapper please ask.

    For your current game: I have no better sollution as you found you can deal with this bug ( I know it is a poor or no real solution for your current game), but you can bring your game to an end.


    By the way one minute is nothing for a turn in Civ2 I needed one and a half hour just for one turn with everything (moving 200 settlers , city improvements in 200 cities on a 486er and I thing my last turn on my K6 233Mhz with 64Ram needed longer and that was only the normal setting on the biggest map of Activision. But my new comp is now a little bit faster....
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      I have to say Modswapper is the way to go. YOur game may be dead.

      Civ drove me crazy when it irst came out. "This damn game is too slow!"

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        Cheers for the helpful replies,
        I guess I'll have to give this game up, there were a couple of other bugs going on with it too.... Shame, it was one of the most fun games so far...
        I'll look into ModSwapper for my next game, or Maybe I'll just wait for Civ3, I've got far too much work to be doing at the mo, so I could do with a few months without any Civ (don't know how long I'll last though). Nevermind eh?

        Cheers again,