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about the titanic as a unit wonder

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  • about the titanic as a unit wonder

    I was reading a thread about making unit wonders? I dont recall who it was that posted it but he had a good idea bout making the trojan horse and Titanic a wonder..Well i dont think they should go as far as wonders but they could improve your civilization..And everybody was saying why would Titanic be there..Well think about it. How many ice patrols were there before the Titanic? None. I think it would make the oceans safer but i dont think it should be where only one civ can get it. Of course there has to be the danger of icebergs in the game and so far i havent played it long enough to know. Also it would be nice in these games if you didnt have to spend all your gold building one unit or building at time but could build 3 or 4 different things. You know spread your money.
    One thing is that i am curious about though is that i though you had to build citys a certain distance from each other but the computer is building 4 or 5 citys about 4 tiles away from each other espically during a war. One time a settler tried to settle in my land even though we were at war..Of course i let him settle and waited a few turns before i just took the city.
    Another amusing thing was that i was messing around in a practice game and i turned on the cheat mode and tried to use a missile on a single catapult but after the the explosion and next turn the catapult was still there.
    Well anyways i still find both civ and ctp enjoyable when i get the time to play them..I know neither game is perfect but if you like it keep playing if you dont well i can only hope you enjoy another game.

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    Sounds good, but I wouldn't want to see too many of them. After all, these unit wonders would affect the game play and mutiplayer as well. As for the titanic wonder, I think I have to wait and see what it really does before I can give any comments.

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      I agree there shouldnt be millions of them but the titanic disaster did make it safer for other ships with the formsation of the ice patrol.
      What about disasters? Now i dont mean a tornado every other turn but a hurricane once every 100 turns. Also if another country is hit by the hurricane you could earn their trust by giving them aid.
      Well back to the game...Right now i keep getting to greedy in the game.
      The Mayas ticked me off so i kept attacking them till i took 2 citys from them..Wasted way too much time. Oh well its only 620AD, i still have time to play defensive while i build up before i get too far behind every ciountry.