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  • My first game

    Well, after one RTS after another didnt do it for me, I thought I would try a turn based game for a change. Saw that CTP2 was much anticipated, read some previews/user reviews and bought it. What a sweet move that was.....this is a blast.
    My first game is on a gigantic map, i'm the Romans. It's 1245AD and I finally won a small military taking New orleans from the Americans. In two previous tries, I lost at Chicago and also to the Native Americans at Apache. Not sure how long I will be able to hold N.O., but its located across a very narrow channel from my mainland, and will allow me to force any sea-going baddies to take the long route. Sort of like owning the panama canal. I must say, this is such a fantastic change from the RTS genre. All the diplomacy and skull-duggery is nice.

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    Triumphus - welcome to the genre! There are many aspects to enjoy and explore.

    I haven't bought CTP2 (want to read more reviews first) but take note: complaints about CTP2 may be a summarized result of one thing ... Civilization 2 is a tough act to follow. If you haven't played it yet, you might want to check it out as well.

    Still, I hope that CTP2 has come close to it. Enjoy!