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  • faster ai turns

    On large maps with many civs, I have a problem with the ai turns taking too long. For example, I'm playing a game using call to conquest mod on a large earth map with 27 opponents. It's on turn 130ish, and it can take 15 minutes to cycle through the ai turns. My computer's pretty fast. Is there any way to speed up the ai turns?

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    with that many opponents you have to expect slow turns

    However, (somebody please correct me) I believe that there is an option to "not show AI moves" , sorry I don't have my copy of CTP2 handy so I know that I'm not that great of help.


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      Yeah not showing AI moves is a good one, setting paths for your own units speeds things up too, it doesnt really speed the AI up but it speeds the gameplay. The only way to speed up the AI is to give it less time to think, something "AI timeslice" in one of the text files, but if you give it less time it makes more mistakes and misses things to do.

      What spec is your PC?

      I wish there was an instant move option, even on the highest movement speed it gets slow even with pathing.
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        Well, for such huge maps and such a large number of civs you can obviously expect a slow game. But to speed things up, you can do the following things:

        - make sure you don't have any programs running in the background (use Start>Run>msconfig to disable unnecessary background tasks at start-up and Ctrl-Alt-Del to do so at runtime)

        - in the game, set Unit Speed to maximum and disable showing enemy moves (as noted by Maq and cen)

        - get more RAM: a fast CPU is nice but the amount of RAM is in this case far more important; for enormous maps with 30ish opponents you'll want at least 512 MB, maybe even more (don't have much experience with such big games myself)

        - update your video and chipset drivers: doesn't always help but it never hurts either

        Hmm, I had one or two other things but I seem to have forgotten about them. Will post them when they come back to me
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          I have had the same problem, but I only play against 8 opponents. All of their turns take a normal amount of time, but the Barbarian turn (they have no cities or units I'm aware of) can take 3 to 6 minutes. I have a fast P5 computer with 512Mb RAM and nothing else running. It's also taking about 10 minutes to load a saved game. I've never experienced this before in any of my other games, and I've played dozens of times....


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            I've recently experimented with checking compatibility mode in Windows XP Pro. Without it checked I have very fast turns and it's relatively trouble free (though there is a slic error I have posted about). With compatibility checked my turns take 10 to 20 times longer. (with the same slic error) This is probably not a solution, but hopefully a clue.