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Minor problem and comments on Diplo2.2

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  • Minor problem and comments on Diplo2.2

    Well, I just ended (?) a game on Medium difficulty. I was on a gigantic map, 3 opponents, because I wanted to give everyone time to meet each other and practice diplomacy.

    First off, I noticed my next door neighbors, the peace-loving Indians, really liked me, I acceded to all their demands, and we got into every pact there is, up to Alliance. I did not try to ask them for cities, unfortunately, I was still thinking this was 'fair'. I really enjoyed the level of interaction there for a little while, then we got to about 200AD, and the Indians got Gunpowder. They immediately made a bunch of Infantrymen, and used them to attack me, with no declaration of war. I was disappointed that my staunch allies would treat me this shabbily, so I started queueing up my own Infantry, and sent a small stack of Archers and Hoplites into their area. As soon as I attempted to engage a stack of 6 in combat, the computer would no longer allow me to move. None of my units anywhere were allowed to move !

    I don't know if this is a bug with the underlying code or the mod, but I thought I should report it nonetheless.

    I will be trying Diplomod V3 shortly, and hopefully find some of the fun this game promised once. I am getting more and more disillusioned, though. Not with the mods, thank god for them, but with the program itself, which had such promise once. (which kind of reminds me about the old joke - what's worse than finding a worm in your apple? - Half a worm).