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Ai_gang _up _factor ??

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  • Ai_gang _up _factor ??

    This in the DiffDB file. Its set at 1.

    Anyone try to see what would happen if you chaneged this number . I know some things were kept in but never finsihed or coded in.

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    That's something I've always wondered about. In fact, it's not used. Neither is 'AI_INTELLIGENCE_FACTOR'. I just checked the source files.


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      Obviously this was never finished, but it could be possible to use it for the process cycles to make it difficuilt depentent.

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        Apparenty it's something that was intended for difficulty-level based modifiers, but to the best of my knowledge, those two are not used.

        Martin - do you think it would be a good idea to implement these in the source code?
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          Its actually surprisingly difficult to implement "degrees of intelligence" in AI.

          The tactic most often used to achieve this is to limit the number of iterations of strategies that will be considered, limiting the "depth" of thought.

          Other aproaches such as limited "vision" and knowingly bad strategies or even mistakes aren't usually used.