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Slow Computer Turn on some Civs

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  • Slow Computer Turn on some Civs

    Ok I'm puzzled. I've played a bunch of games, and of course it takes longer for the computer to take its turn as all Civs grow, but I've got a strange problem in a current game. The French turn (with 38 cities) is taking about 2 to 3 minutes! The other civs in the game take a normal amount of time (5 to 10 seconds), including the Mongols, which have 39 cities. It's late in the game and I'm playing on the ultra large map. I can't figure out why just one civ would be so slow (it's almost like the computer just hangs on the French for a while EVERY turn)... any ideas? I'm not sure I can finish the game this way. It takes a very long time between turns. This hasn't happened before....

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    Have you disabled show enemy turns as that often speeds up the way the ai works
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      Hey there.. yes, I've disabled showing enemy moves. The computer isn't showing anything at all during the long durations (it's also taking 10 minutes to load a saved game). It's just hanging there, sometimes for 10 minutes or more. Oddly enough, this has just started happening in the last 2 of 20 or so games I've played over the years. I've never had this problem before. It's happening with the Barbarian civ now, and they don't even have any cities. It takes 5 seconds on the English with their 70 cities, and 10 minutes on Barbarians without any cities... or units!
      Anyone else seen this? I can only play about 4 turns an hour, and it's only year 1555!


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        You're seeing the Barbs (player 0) colour but actually I think it's initializing stuff and crunching numbers for player 1 (presumably you). The only time I've seen this sort of thing is when I've been programming and screwed something up. If you're playing with a mod try turning DebugSlic on and see if you get some error messages.

        OTOH, are you playing with some large number of civs? I've never tried that but it's said to slow the game down considerably.


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          this is a longshot as its late in the game, but maybe if the french have found some virgin territory it may be the goody hut bug/pause thing? I have seen this happen late in some of my cradle games. Can you move the mouse/pointer around while it happens? If not then it most likely is this. And yes it will go away as soon as all the goody huts are picked up by the AI(the french in this case i guess).
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