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  • wondersharing?

    another idea that continues to whirl around in my head:
    i would like very close friend civs to mutually share the benefits of their wonders. this could be either a part of an alliance or a treaty on its own by replacing for instance the science pact which doesn't work.

    the problem would be to implement this (and if that is done of course to teach the ai thats this might be a good idea, but that can wait). the easiest solution i can think of would be to give the partner without the wonder a building in his capitol which has the same effects as the wonder. but i fear this will soon lead to problems with 64 buildings limit.

    what do you think about this and do you have any better idea than the one mentioned above?

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    Good friend would you please be as kind to share the big pot of money you got for building the pyramids?

    To be honest canít see it working plus some wonders for example genome project would not be scraped after you break up an alliance
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      It could work... If you did it for just a few of the wonders then you could pick ones whose effects you could simulate in SLIC.