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  • UseDirector

    Anyone out there ever use the UseDirector command? Can anyone explain how it works?

    As far as I can tell, it doesn't do much of anything. It is supposed to time an event to the animation, but either this happens so fast that it doesn't matter, or it doesn't work.


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    It makes a difference and was used quite a lot in CTP1 - for example the message you got that your unit was veteran would appear before the battle concluded and so you knew in advance you would win, which was annoying, but adding UseDirector to the messagebox code delayed its appearance until after the battle. In CTP2 messages don't appear so obviously (they're hidden in the message tab, not usually visible), so even if it still has the same effect that it used to it is not so important.


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      It is also used in the CTP2 script.slc.

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        Sounds like its a legacy command that was much more useful for CTP1. As an experiment, I keyed a message to a move units command changed both post and pre and added and removed UseDirector, but I didn't notice a difference.

        I did see that it is in the script.slc file, also in the tutorials, but I haven't noticed its effect very much.

        I dunno, I guess it can't hurt to use it, but it doesn't seem particularly useful either.