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Civ 3 creation collaboration

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  • Civ 3 creation collaboration

    Anyone interested in a sort of Scenario-Making Guild for civ 3? The purpose here is that not everyone is good at every aspect of scenario making. Some are better at graphics, some are better at technical aspects, etc. The advantage then of having a collaborative effort is to pool talent and resources. Someone would approach us with a concept, and we'd make the scenario. First we'd divide the labor, then we'd sort of have a supervisor for each project who would coordinate our efforts. This way, we produce the best-quality scenario in the least amount of time.

    Anyone interested? post here or holla at me @
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    go here for more info:
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      I'd contribute to the concept adding through a scripting language, but *gasp* there isn't one.

      I guess other than that... there would be better artists, though I could help with that. I can't be arsed to game balance, so I'll leave that one...

      I guess it depends on how the scenario making is done. I was thinking of doing something similar for CtP2, but everything fits together too tightly to make it easy to split.

      Put me down under concepts and ideas generation centre.
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