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why my unit health only half?

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  • why my unit health only half?

    I am just wondering how to increase my health unit? I tried to have them sleep (or sentinel) to increase their health, but they can't full, only half.
    I amazed when trying to attack a city with bomber and I lost. The city only defended by 2 catapults, 3 horse archers, 1 pikeman.

    thank you.

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    Go to the unit manager, there is a slide control that definds your war readiness. There are three possible levels of war readiness: Peace, Alert and War. The health points of your units are at minimum under peace and at maxium under war. Everything what you have to do is to put the slider on war, but it will need a few of turns until your units get the maximum number on war level. Now you need to know that you have more production to pay for your unit's maintance under war as under peace.

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      STUPID Activision never considered making machine gunners impervous to hoplites. It's the worst with air units. To make air units better you could go into Units.txt and add crank the Firepower for these up to 5 or 6 and the HP up to maybe 40. This would be a no brainer except that I dont know of a way to give units like mobile SAM's an increased bonus against air units.
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