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  • About modswap (wes)

    Modswap is great, but who made it?
    where is the documentation?
    how do i go about implementing a mod for it?
    does it have a website?

    -klaus kaan

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    I made Modswapper. At the moment there is no documentation. I have been wanting to write documentation, but I can't seem to find the time for it. And the program isn't that difficult to use; at least I haven't heard from people who don't know how to use it. And it doesn't have it's own website; as far as I know you can only find it at Wes' website.

    If you want to implement your own mod for it you will have to make your own gamefile.txt and rename all your modified text files. First you take the original gamefile.txt and make a copy under a diffferent name. Modswapper will look for files with a .txt extension that have gamefile in the filename; it's probably best to give it a prefix that identifies it as part of your mod and use the same prefix for all your other modified text files. For example, Wes used MM2_ for the Med Mod 2.

    You should then edit your gamefile.txt so that it will load all your modified text files instead of the default ones. Then, at line 66 of your modified gamefile.txt (that's the line immediately after agecitystyle.txt) you should put the name of your mod. This is the name that will be displayed by Modswapper. Since newsprite.txt and Great_Library.txt are not loaded anywhere from the regular gamefile.txt, you should put the names of your modified newsprite.txt and Great_Library.txt on lines 67 and 68 of your gamefile.txt. If you leave those lines empty or if the file can not be found, Modswapper will use the default CTP2 files.

    I think that should help you implement your own mod for it. If you have any more questions, just ask.


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      Thanks Paul that was all i needed to know.

      and thanks for making such a cool program, simple but very very usefull :-)

      to the rest of you out there, it was really easy to change my mod to support modswapper, give it a try.



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        It would be graet to have ModSwapper in the Apolyton CTP Database, I made CityMod2 for ModSwapper therefore it would be to have it there when I send this mod to Markos. Do you need a readme.txt? Maybe you can use this on text pieces in this threat:
        Civ2 military advisor: "No complaints, Sir!"