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  • WELCOME (what to post here)

    welcome to our new forum for the CTP2 AI

    this is a place for discussion on:

    - the goods and bads of the ctp2 ai
    - the modification of the ai
    - projects to create ai mods

    this is not a place for
    - ai/activision whining

    in addition to our other rules, please keep this rule too: BE CONSTRUCTIVE!

    thank you and enjoy!

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    Hey this is great Mark! Thanks for creating an entire section on this topic that has been discussed so often - for better or worse.

    This new section should be a great help for all AI modifiers and players.
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      Excellent Mark!

      About to make use of the new forum.

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        MarkG - A bit of Activision whining accidentially crept into one of my posts.

        I promise it won't happen again.


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          sorry mark, i couldnīt help but whining about Activison...itīs sad that a game with a good concept has such a crappy AI (and an even worse gameplay). i did neither spam at all, nor did i disturb anyoneīs "constructive" thread - so why did you close mine? what about the freedom of speach?

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            your freedom of speach? from what i know, you can go out on the street and whine about the ctp2 ai
            this is a place dedicated to costructive discussion on improving the ctp2 ai. posting such a thread here IS a disturbance!


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              come on mark, donīt be so sensitive - you are man, arenīt you?
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