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Med-Mod: The nation surrenders

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  • Med-Mod: The nation surrenders

    one of the cool things that the ww2 scenario had was that when you captured the dutch capital, the whole nation surrendered

    could we add this to the med mod, is the same or altered form??

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    France surrendered when Paris was taken too.
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      I agree, this would be a nice addition. Thanks markos.
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        France didn't surrender. Vichy France surrended. De Gaulle setup government in exile in England.

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          I am wary of inserting this trigger into the game. It would seem to be giving an advantage to the human, who would know to go straight for the AI's capital city rather than having to conquer his entire empire.
          This idea may be pretty accurate historically, especially in the early ages of the game, but I don't think the AI is set up to recognize that it must always protect its capital first and foremost.


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            Hears another, similar idea. Could you make an unhappy city automaticlly surrender to a invading army without a fight?
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              It wouldn't be too hard to setup a MoveUnit handle so that when a unit moves next to a city it checks "surrenderability" (Like that word? I just made it up ) and if it matches criteria change city.owner to current player.

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              Rommell to a sub-commander outside Tobruk: "Those Australians are in there somewhere. But where? Let's advance and wait till they shoot, then shoot back."


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                A trigger to surrender if the capital falls is NOT a good idea: aside from the edge it gives the wetware player, it has dubious historical validity: British took both New York and Philadelphia in the American revolutionary War, and nobody surrendered. Napoleon occupied Vienna in 1805 and Berlin in 1806 but still had Austrian and Prussian forces in the field against him in both respective cases.
                A better trigger would be an offer of surrender or a drop in Happiness based on the relative resources versus your opponent. I suspect this is already built into the game in some way: on the occasions when I have taken cities from an ai player, if the result gives me a substantial (33% or more, it seems) advanatge in numbers of cities over the ai, it requests a cease-fire. If the trigger for this diplomatic behavior could be linked to a "surrender reflex" on the part of individual cities or the civ as a whole, it would simulate the "collapse of will" you're looking for. For human players, the trigger should cause sudden catastrophic drops in Happiness in cities, especially those with enemy troops near them, and consequent revolts.


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                  perhaps it could be tweaked: instead of the capital city, a large percentage of it's cities

                  as a balance measure, you could have that the surrendered cities would have a larger than usual unhappiness due to conquest
                  (or even better implement the civ2 partizans feature!)