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  • Map Settings- Const.txt

    Personally, I find the custom map generator HORRIBLE. The sliders make subtle changes which is not what I was thinking should happen when you slide it from one extreme to the other. I'd like to be able to generate a map with 90% desert or like 90% arctic. So I tried messing with Const.txt since it seemed to contain the variables I need to edit but I must be doing something wrong??? For example- the default meridian for the north pole is set at 5. So I changed it to like 40 (which is SUPPOSED to make the north pole start just above the center of the map) but when i saved and reloaded the game nothing changed! Has anyone been sucessful in editting the terrain settings? Please fill me in on how to properly do it!!!

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    I've had fairly good luck by manipulating those numbers in const.txt. But what I was attempting to get was a map of many large islands with consistent terrain (no more swamps surrounding deserts and/or snow). Plus I wanted some large mountain chains not just a few here and there. Plus I get almost no snow in the middle half of the map. The only prob I'm having is no matter what I do, the map is still mostly plains.
    It took me along time to get the settings the way I wanted and I still occasionally get the random map that has no correlation to my wants.
    Keep fiddling, you are on the right path. But also try various slide settings for each change too.
    Good luck.


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      Yeah I was sucessful in changing some other values on Const.txt- like the maximum size city you can disband. But for some reason the meridians and percentages dont work out. The meridians seem to always stay at default settings no matter what values you pop in. I tried everything for the meridians and nothing seems to make a change. As for the percentages I was finding the same problem u have- that there are too many plains... so i tried fiddling with the percentages in const.txt- putting plains to 1% and giving grass the extra. You now expect almost no plains and TONS of grass right? nope- the map seems to have the same percentages as before. I wish they [activision] commented their text files a little better =P