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Settler running away!

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  • Settler running away!

    I installed the Apolyton Pack, when starting a new game (Germans) I have 2 Settlers. I build a city with the first one and the second settler beginns to move himself !
    Very funny behavior...
    I have no controll over him.

    Playing CTPII 1.11 german Version with Modswapper

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    Yes its a know problem with Apolyton pack.
    But its easy to fix, just 'sleep' your settler before you end your turn. When you want to move it unsleep it and you will have control.
    As soon as you build your second city with it the problem goes away never to return

    If you need more detail its in the FAQ at the top of the other forum(help/gameplay etc)
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      Thanks for your reply.

      I wanted to search in the forum for this problem, but the search function is disabled


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        Those evil administrators! Someone should write them a letter...


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          Unfortunatly these evil administrators already know about the problem. That is called anti server load crap. Well the search function is for something good I can still search for all my posts and get them all. But if I search for all my posts with the word GoodMod in it fails to find them all.

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