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Is there a point where one can wage war non-stop as a republic with minimal WW?

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  • Is there a point where one can wage war non-stop as a republic with minimal WW?

    In civ 2 there was. Once you had suffrage and a few happiness wonders..republic was just as good as any for war.

    Is there a point where waging war as a republic is just as easy as in a monarchy or communism? Maybe after 5+ luxeries, Bachs, Michelangelo's, and WW perhaps??? Anyone experiment with this?

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    Even with USuff you will have problems. Even if edit cathedrals to combat WW you will have problems, but less. Firaxis set up the game to discourage long wars. Go commie or monarch. Actually you will be ok in 1)initial territory, and should be also ok in territory conquered within first 20 turns of war. It is after that that WW gets ugly. Even if you build a new city in newly released "neutral" territory, WW will jump up after about 35-40 turns of war to bite you. Well at least if slash and burn cities. May be lessened a bit if occupy cities. Key is to plan for oscillating war: 20 turns on, 20 turns off, repeat...



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      Always make the other civs declare war then you'd bee fine withh WW.


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        Illegitimi Non Carborundum


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          It will always get you in a long drawn out war. Build things that reduce it; jack your luxury rates (your science and taxes will suffer, though).


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            Egyptians and WW n Republic

            I am playing the Egyptians in a Republic, sitting at 1900 now. WW has really hobbled me, but seems to have ebbed with time. As others point out, force the others to decalre war on you. I really have been trying to be peaceful but the neighboring Romans have been trying to provoke their destruction

            It seems to pass with time, but a 4.2.4 spread has helped as well.
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              Republic is one of the best governments under which to wage war while retaining builder capabilities, oddly. WW is rather markedly lower than under a democracy (when I prep for a war under democracy I will get WW after a while, but it's NEVER a problem under republic), and I don't think a republic can be overthrown like a democracy can if WW goes on for too long.

              One trick is this: Never allow enemy forces to stay in your territory, and never keep your forces in enemy territory. You can do this to a small extent, but for the most part just take cities one at a time, keeping your forces in your "new" borders until you're ready to make the next push.

              You don't have to worry as much about declaring war with this method. But it helps not to be the "aggressor."


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                In my current game (Nathan's July tournament), I have been in war more or less all the time from 0 to AD 1500, under republic from AD 400 and on. I have seen no war disorder at all.

                Things to help are probably:

                1) They always started the war, not me
                2) Captured Hanging Gardens from India quite early and later built Bach's and Shakespeare's myself.
                3) Went directly for the enemy luxuries and grabbed them. I have had 5-7 luxuries during all wars. Some lux cities flipped back after peace agreement, unfortunately.
                4) Quite small cities, most of them 6-10 pop.
                5) Building order: temple and marketplace first, mostly rushed in newly built or captured cities.
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