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    Re: Re: Importance of Strategy

    Originally posted by Olaf Hårfagre


    And about playing mods: I stick to the game as it came out of the box, plus the latest official patches. How can we discuss a strategy if we don't talk about the same game? It gets to confusing and takes too much time from real life to explore all mods instead of playing the official game. I agree that bomber and stealt bombers should be stronger, though. Let's hope for next patch...

    I see the modification process as just another way to learn and grow. You never know what ideas will bubble out of the darker recess of the mind. Strategy is the art of taking what's available to you and using it to achieve you goal. And since what's available keeps changing, you need to practice in a constantly changing environment.

    And since they provided an editor to make scenarios, why take what enjoyment there is in creating something? When I had the time I use to do a lot of painting and building models. Building a mod is just another creative outlet for me.

    If we had to wait for the programmers to fix everything that we saw as wrong with a game, we'd be waiting forever. The only point I can see to playing an "out of the box" version is if it is multiplayer game, and even then I'd want to create scenarios for it. And since everyone has their own perspective, you would need a million different versions of each patch to fix what each person saw as wrong.

    After all, you only get out of this what you put into it. So start tinkering and have even more fun playing. Just remember to backup your original .BIC files first...

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      when i think about it, i havn't ever built one of these!
      Help negate the vegiterian movement!
      For every animal you don't eat! I'm gunna eat three!!