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    Originally posted by Jawa Jocky
    I only had 3 parts left and lost due to domination.
    Lost to domination? I think that qualifies as *beaten like a rented mule.*

    (")_(") This is Bunny. Copy and paste bunny into your signature to help him gain world domination.


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      Originally posted by notyoueither

      Lost to domination? I think that qualifies as *beaten like a rented mule.*

      It was more like cheap pony.

      This was my 1st game on Emp. I had a large Island all to myself, and several civs shared the main continent. I couldn't even leave my island until I built the Great Lighthouse. Then It took some serious diplomacy to get caught up with tech.

      I made several attempts to get on the continent. They all ended in disaster. Corruption made my new cities useless. I tried to build a new palace over there, but everyone declared war on me evertime I tried. Eventually England destroyed everyone else. I thought I had enough land to keep them from domination so I could sneak in the space race, but it didn't work.

      I normally quite games that become this hopeless, but I was amazed by how well I was doing. It was my most impressive loss ever.


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        I played a game recently as the Egyptians where I was in a space race against the neighboring Indians, with whom I was engaged in a third war. I was ahead in the space race, but had no uranium. I assumed the Indians were going to fight me to the end, to slow down my space efforts. Instead, they agreed to peace at the usual time - after I'd proved they'd get no more than a stalemate - and then promptly traded me uranium for the nuclear power advance! Needless to say, I won the game a few turns later.

        My overall sense of the AI is that it takes a generalist approach to the game, and never focuses particularly strongly on any one thing. This is why military rushes work so well, and why humans eventually catch up in the tech race. Because the space race is relatively complicated - which tech to research first, getting a head start by working on FP's, etc - the AI is more likely to get outhustled here than in any other aspect of the game.

        In a nutshell, who researches Recycling during a space race? Answer: the loser.


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          Originally posted by player1

          If you've seen that we was making space ship,

          A: Didn't have 'em; no one had built the Manhattan Project yet.

          B: Wasn't paying attention; I didn't even know he was building one.

          It's like the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip; Calvin is standing by a tree holding a water balloon, savoring the sweetness of the moment when he dumps it on Hobbes' head. Unfortunately, he's so caught up in marveling at the brilliance of his plan that he fails to see Hobbes walk up behind him with a garden hose. I, like Calvin, failed to see the Greek garden hose and got soaked.


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            Gets my vote for analogy of the day.