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    Is the penalty for attacking a unit, when not having a full turn left, that were in both Civ1 and Civ2, gone in Civ3, or have they just removed the warning?

    Sorry if this already has been answered, but it seems to me as if it is totally gone, and I kind of miss it.
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    i am about 95% sure they are gone, because i haven't experienced any higher causulties from attacking after i have moved


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      That was what i thought, but I just needed to ask someone.

      Maybe should ask someone at Firaxis to bring them back in as an option.
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        Or maybe they removed the warning, and that's the REAL reason why you have people complaining of their tanks getting killed by spearmen.

        Think about it...
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          *Did I say turn, of cource I meant movements.*
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            I never liked that lower-strength jazz. As if the defender didn't already have enough advantages? If they brought it back, it would hurt the AI's, bog the game down, and remove much of the threat that the AI can currently pose. Sure, it would also boost their defenses a bit, but that could be better done in other ways.

            I'm glad it's gone, I find the absence of that penalty both more fun and more realistic.

            - Sirian


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              Im glad that penalty is gone too. Generally, it would only harm the defender's units as invading units would use their whole movement point walking through enemy territory. Defenders would be the one's left with fractions of movement points.

              The only other units left with fractions of movement points would be those moving through 'no-mans land'. But on the whole, defenders would be hit harder.
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