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    I wasn't going to bother posting, but KarlMarx9001 said it should be virtually impossible in a peaceful manner, so here goes

    I did it last Wednesday 12/5 pre-patch. I did a tiny board with high water and archipelagoes. Virtually no war. Cultural victory. I won with something like 70 turns to spare, if I remember correctly. Basically, you must have the Colossus, Great Library and Shakespeare. I got three others as well, but I can't remember which ones off hand. Without them, you don't have a chance for a cultural victory. The Colossus brings extra money, the Great Library catches you up on tech in the early game, and you NEED the happiness from Shakespeare. I was pretty much 5 techs or so behind the whole game, but I didn't really care since I knew I have the culture to win. I think I went to war only three times, and they were all defensive. I have the Romans and English to my North, and the Egyptians to my south. I never even got offered a cultural takeover a city because the two closest cities to mine were capitals! It was an odd game, because it was slow going tech wise, but I think it was because the Romans kept going to war with the other two (eventually wiping out the English, and hamstringing the Egyptians) and there was little tech swapping. I had a MPP with the Romans after he kicked the other civs off our large island for about the last 60 or so turns of the game. Anyway, I wasn't sure if someone had done it already, so that's why I didn't post before.

    I enclosed the save game from a turn before victory in case anyone wanted to check it out.
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    Lucky bastard. ;0


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      congrats, i missed a deity OCC by 3 turns few days after the release. problem was that the americans wiped out all other civs early in the game (only me and the indians could keep alive with one city and a very peacefull way to play).

      on monarch OCC is pretty easy. on deity you need look, and a very close look on the details.

      congrats again.

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