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  • Civ3PTW vs Democracy Game

    Guys I haven't understood what the difference is between the 'normal' and Democracy Forums.
    Is Democracy a different game?
    If not what are the main reasons to differentiate, what the differences?

    If they are different games could someone indicate where to a brief description of Civ3 PTW Democracy game?

    Thank you
    Omnia Mea Mecum Porto.

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    Single-player democracy game is a game where a team of humans decide on how to run a single ingame civ, playing against multiple AI opponents.

    Multi-player democracy game is a PBEM game where several human teams play against each other. The teams are usually run in something close to a democracy - the member playing turns for a given team usually does what the team as a whole decides to.


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      The Civ 3 Democracy game is one single player game where all of the members determine game play as a group.

      The PTW Democracy Game is a muliplayer game where all of the civs are different democracy teams, sort of several Democracy Games playing one another.

      I know its kinda messed up as one would think the Civ 3 Democracy Game would use Civ 3 and the PTW Democracy Game would use PTW but they are both using PTW right now.


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        The other major difference is that in the single 'player' democracy game, all the discussion, debate, polls, etc take place in the one open forum, as all the members are on the one team.

        For the PTWDG (ie multi-team game) there is a public forum for administrative (ie who has the save ) stuff, as well as political wrangling and trash-talking, but the strategizing and discussion of each team takes place in a 'closed' forum for each team. The teams and their forums are indicated at the top of the public forum.
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