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    1 turn/day, sometimes 1 turn for 2 days, there may be more
    it depends from the people - where they live, how busy they are in RL,...


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      Multiplayer Mod?

      From what I have seen so far from the multiplayer Civ3 community, especially for PBEM, it seems that AI civilizations are generally avoided. It also seems that there are a few aspects of Civ3 where strategic depth has been compromised because of the inability of the AI to deal effectively with complex situations. This creates a great opportunity for a mod that is free of the strategic limitations introduced to help the AI.

      The main objective of this mod would be to provide a set of rules that challenge the player with a need for deeper strategy, while changing as little as possible to preserve the stock Civ3 flavor. To accomplish this goal, the mod would try to balance the existing elements of the game so that there is no one strategy that always works, nor one that never works. Ideally, the Civ3 multiplayer community would adopt this set of rules as a standard for games without AI-controlled civilizations.

      Would there be any interest helping to create, test, and eventually adopt such a mod? If so, please post your ideas here.


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        nice idea