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Anyone Interested In A VS AI Game?

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    Scuse me, got space for another player?
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      i think so

      but it's Zapaan's (thread starter) call
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        Always room for another player What civ did you have in mind?

        As for myself, I can do Persia for the scientific kick though if you ask me, on anything higher than Monarch, the scientific trait is something of a waste. I've always found the agricultural, or commercial traits to be much more beneficial long-term.

        - Z


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          How we going on this one? If I'm in, give me the Celts.
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            Hi, I'm looking for another game. I'm partial to the Portuguese for a quick lighthouse.
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              I'd be in if my C3C wasn't bugging me with the DX :P If I can get it fixed in time I'll jump in. If not, hf
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