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AU210 - UN Peacekeepers DAR 1 – 4000bc-2150bc

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  • AU210 - UN Peacekeepers DAR 1 – 4000bc-2150bc

    This is the DAR ("during action report") thread for the first 40 turns of AU210 – UN Peackeepers. Use this space to discuss early-game moves and plans for the future.

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    Well, I got some spare time, so I decided to play this game
    I am the first to report I see

    I play on Monarch with the AU mod
    4000 BC: The starting position seemed okay, nothing special though. Decided to move the settler on the non-shielded grass on the river, and the worker to the shielded grass next to it, and starts roading and later mining it.
    3950 BC: Washington founded. I got incredibly lucky here... If got a settler from my first hut!!
    3850 BC: New York founded:
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      New York starts building a worker.
      I couldn't resist the temptation: New York is renamed to Nieuw Amsterdam (I might rename it New York again in the 1600's )

      3700 BC: Worker starts working other grassland square, and is planning to build a road to NA after that.
      3600 BC: contacted a Mongol scout. Got Warrior Code and Ceremonial Burial (which I was researching) and 3 gold for Masonry.
      3550 BC: Worker ready in NA, building road towards Washington.
      3350 BC: Bronze Working in hut
      2900 BC: Meet the Iroquois. Got mysti from them, and traded mysti for the wheel with Mongols.
      2750 BC: Mathematics form hut.
      2590 BC: Boston founded, by a settler built in NA.
      Got Horseback Riding and Iron Working from huts this turn
      2510 BC: I connected the dyes near washington.
      2310 BC: This turn I noticed something strange.
      I had noticed yellow borders from the mongols before, but as I already had contact with them I went another way. Now I saw blue borders at the same spot. I thought: maybe I saw it wrong, let's check 'em out.
      A few turns later my warrior saw this
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        I could contact the Babs! They had taken over the mongol capital!
        And although I am in quite good shape, this game could be over soon

        My situation: 4 cities, 1 Settler ready in Washington, and one on the way to new city site. Granary is ready in Washington (I forgot to mention that earlier)
        The city next to the wheat is really a powerful settler pump, even without a granary! It already gave me two settlers, making my empire pretty big!

        4 civs contacted: Mongols, Iroquois, Babylonians and Spanish. They are all way behind me in tech, especially the Spanish and the Babs. I gave Iron Working very cheaply to the mongols, maybe they can defend themselves better with it (slim chance though)
        Sold it to the Iro's too: for a worker and 45 gold.

        The Americans really rule on this map by the way: Expansionist is mighty here! And industrious is as good as always on large maps.
        Thanks for the interesting game Rhoth , I had quite a laugh during the game when I saw the Babs posess the Mongol capitol
        And a picture (my fourth city is to the east of washington, so it isn't visible on this map)
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          edited: I'm playing Monarch level and AU mod.

          The journey of the Americans begins in 4000BC. With a thirst for knowledge of the surrounding area, the American scout strikes out south towards a distant mountain range. The view from the top of the mountain reveals a mix of plains, grassland, hills and mountains. Also in view to the west is a collection of huts. Wanting to take advantage of the nearby river, the American settler moves towards the west.
          Washington is founded nestled into the river with dye nearby. Work begins on a scout to accelerate the exploration of the continent. Research is directed towards the Alphabet. The American scout enters the collection of huts to find a group of nomads, interested in beginning roots with his civilization! The nomads are welcomed into the American fold with open arms. Continuing west to the mountain range, the scout discovers fertile flood plains. Between Washington and that city site, should make for a very nice settler pump. New York is founded between the mountain and the flood plain, adjacent to the river, in 3850BC. Very nice way to start a new game
          Continuing in a southward direction, taking advantage of any mountainous terrain, the American scout spies a strange person off in the distance. Contacting him (or her, for the politically correct...) reveals him to be a member of the Mongol people. The Mongols have knowledge of Ceremonial Burial and Warrior Code, but have yet to learn our secrets of Masonry. A bargain is struck which sees Masonry go to the Mongols in exchange for Warrior Code and 10 gold.
          A second scout is finished in Washington and will be exploring in a northeasterly direction. One more scout is planned for Washington to take the exploration in a westerly direction as well. New York is earmarked for a worker, followed by a warrior.

          I'm sort of taking a cue from Dominae's start in AUSG101, where he ran paper thin defense at the start. Not too sure how it will work out yet, but this looks like a good start to try it on

          In the southeast corner of the empire, an American scout stumbles upon a Babylonian warrior. Contact reveals Bronze Working and Ceremonial Burial to be known by the Babylonians while the Americans have Masonry, Pottery and Warrior Code. A very profitable trade is anticipated for both sides Masonry and Pottery are given to the Babylonians in exchange for Ceremonial Burial, Bronze Working and 10 gold.
          The eastern scout (scout #2) achieves contact with a people known as the Iroquois. In exchange for Warrior Code, Masonry and 2 gold, they agree to trade the Wheel. I could have gone for Mysticism, but I'd rather reveal the horse location at this point.. At this point (3250BC), I decided to contact everyone again to make sure there were no more trades I could make. Mongols agree to trade Mysticism and 25 gold for the Wheel, so looks like not being able to get it from the Iroquois wasn't that big a deal.
          In 3000BC, the first American settlers leave from New York. Planned location is south of New York, nestled on the plains square at the corner of the rivers. Over to the far west, an American scout finds a band of warriors in a village that agree to join the American civilization. In 2850BC, Boston is founded, becoming the third city of the fledgling American empire.
          In a stroke of luck, the first American scout, returning towards the homeland, found a village relatively close to Washington that hadn't been popped yet. Inside were scrolls containing knowledge of Horseback Riding (this tends to throw a wrinkle in since now I can't upgrade from chariots, but still nice to have). 2750BC, and Washington has completed work on a Granary. Now both cities can start pumping out settlers. Again to the west, an American scout finds scrolls containing knowledge of Iron Working. Those 3 scouts at the beginning are starting to pay off. A review of the immediate homeland indicates neither horse nor iron are contained within the borders of the American empire. Iron is visible to the west, but will take a few turns to obtain. For now, expansion is still the priority. The American wise men discover Alphabet in 2670BC. Thus completes work on all first level technology. Mathematics and writing are the only second level technologies still unknown. Math is 11 turns away, writing is 21 turns away and Polytheism is 31 turns away. In hopes of trading later on for Math and Writing, research is begun on Polytheism. Hmm...well nevermind about Mathematics The warrior previously discovered to the west popped a hut and found Mathematics inside Things are progressing's the year 2630BC.
          In 2510BC, to the northwest of the American homeland, an American scout bumps into a people known as the Spanish. Contact reveals them to be a backwards people; the Americans have knowledge of 7 technologies that the Spanish don't. Masonry is traded to the Spanish in exchange for 10 gold. Philadelphia is founded north of Washington near the game in 2430BC. This brings the American city count up to 4, with a fifth on the way, planned east of New York. The warrior to the west again proves his worth by popping a hut in which he finds Writing. Thus completes all second level technologies. 25 turns left to Polytheism.
          Atlanta is founded east of New York in 2350BC.
          In the year 2190BC, far to the Northeast, an American scout runs into a Japanese settler. Contact reveals them to be backwards with only 2 cities and few technologies. Pottery is traded in exchange for 35 gold. To the west, our warrior dies a tragic death to a barbarian conscript while in sight of yet another hut. But, he served his purpose well, providing multiple technologies.

          Thus ends the first block of the American saga. On the whole, I think it went pretty well. Ended with 5 cities, all second level technologies, 4 workers, 3 scouts and 5 warriors. Could be a little tenuous with the Mongols so close right now, but everything looks setup well for now. Polytheism is 13 turns away and in 3 more turns, 2 more settlers will be off to found new cities. I'm actually trying that RCP thing a little and have a 4/4.5 ring going (except for's on the 8/8.5 ring). Have contact with the Mongols, the Babylonians, the Spanish, the Iroquois and the Japanese. I tend to explore by following the montain ranges, which kinda lucked me into the Jap contact I think. It's funny...I honestly didn't mean to really explore that straight, but I didn't notice I was doing it until I looked at it just now. The temple that I'm building in Atlanta is to let the borders expand to bring the fur in.
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            After sitting out the last AU game (partly due to a lack of time and partly due to not viewing the lengths required to avoid a GA with the rules tweaks involved as particularly fun), I decided to give this one a try - Emperor level, AU Mod version.

            Washington was founded along the banks of the Potomac River in 3950 BC. Later that year, scouts found a group of warriors interested in helping America explore its surroundings. The warrior headed south, establishing contact with the Mongols around 3500 BC and then finding a band of settlers just north of Mongol territory that founded New York in 3400. America’s scouts headed east and then north, meeting the Spanish in 3400. That meeting led to a series of exchanges in which America gained knowledge of Alphabet, The Wheel, and Pottery, with a slight net gain of gold in the bargain. That put America’s scientists in a position to transition from researching on Alphabet on a 40-turn pace to doing the same for Writing.

            The American Grain Association opened its doors in Washington in 3150 and the city started outfitting a band of settlers to take advantage of the rich flood plains to the southeast. Boston was founded there in 2750. An additional band of scouts set out to finally explore to the west in 2710. Forty years later, the original scout unit encountered German spears far to the north and an exchange of Ceremonial Burial gained knowledge of the working of bronze plus a little gold. A meeting with the Iroquois in 2550 led to a series of exchanges that brought knowledge of Mysticism (from the Iroquois) and Mathematics (from Spain), albeit costing some gold.

            One of the scouting parties spotted Indian warriors across a narrow strait in 2470. The two groups managed to establish a sort of communication using hand signals, but India had nothing interesting to trade. In 2230, the sale of Mathematics to the Iroquois brought 78 gold and a group of slaves, and Mysticism and Mathematics got two slave units and 85 gold from Rome. Forty years later, scouts met the Babylonians while elsewhere, Horseback Riding was obtained from Germany through an exchange of technologies and then sold to Spain. Washington finished its second settler in 2150 BC, and America exchanged Horseback Riding to the Iroquois for Iron Working and a small amount of gold.

            I really should have sent out at least one more scout early, but I goofed on the math on how it would affect the timing for my initial granary. I’m also really jealous of those who got a settler out of that first hut and were able to get New York going by the wheat early. Still, with granaries nearing completion in New York and Boston, I should get good growth before too much longer. And while I don’t have a tech lead over my closest rival, I do have 620 gold in the bank.
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              I'm next!

              I'll post a short recap of the first 40 turns here, and will include my complete log in the final post.

              I decided to try this on Deity. The AIs do not have distinct advantages over each other at any of the difficulties, so I figure as long as I can survive the early-game I should be in good shape to do some peacekeeping later on when it is really needed.

              I'm really happy to be playing the Americans, by the way; not only are they one of my favorite civs, but they're typically very strong on Large/Huge Pangea maps. Hopefully this will be enough for me not to get humiliated too quickly!

              A brief look at the starting location and I knew I would have to send a unit on each of the Mountains. The Scout went off onto the southern one, seeing not much other than the promise of Flood Plains to the southwest. Actually there was also a Goody Hut, which I was hoping would contain a free Settler (those are always welcome!). When the Worker climbed his peak, my guess about the Flood Plains was proven correct and I knew I would want to build a pump of some sort down there. However, it was unfortunately too far to consider sending my Settler off there and so I would have to settle (ha!) with somewhere around the starting spot.

              Here's a screenshot of the end of my first turn:
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                The Goody Hut contained (strangely enough, since everyone else got a Settler!) only Ceremonial Burial. On the Scout's second move I also saw the awesome Wheat Flood Plains tile and knew that would be the location of my second city (I was wrong...see below).

                I founded the capital and began production on a bunch of Scouts. With a map this big I knew I wanted at least four or five. I decided not to build a Granary in the capital, waiting instead to build one in the cities that would have access to bonus Food tiles (that Wheat tile comes to mind!). So, my plan was to build many many Scouts and a couple of Warriors, then complete a Settler as soon as my capital would hit size 3. Washington would then become a military camp while the other cities would be responsible for expansion. This method takes a while to start up, but results in faster growth down the line. I figured I had time given the size of the map.

                I set research to Mysticism at full pace, so that I could research Polytheism in 40 turns next.

                Then, my Scout popped the second Goody Hut in view, and I got a Advanced Tribe! What's up with that!? At 8 tiles from the capital and in the middle of a bunch of Flood Plains and Mountains, this city would be useful for nothing more than building Workers for a long long time. Still, it's better than nothing because it would allow my Granary and Barracks cities to focus on Settlers and Warriors (respectively) exclusively.

                Here's a shot of the town that should have been a Settler:
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                  I implemented the plan outlined above, and proceeded to Scout like a madman.

                  I contacted the Indians first, followed by the Mongols, Spanish, Iroquois and Babylonians. I traded for Contacts with all the other civs once I got Writing from a Goody Hut, save the Ottomans which still no one has met as of yet.

                  Contacts were a great thing for my hope in this game, as I realized very quickly that the other AIs were taking a long time to meet one another. I assume this is because of the Raging Barbs; I suspect the AI beelines for those before exploring to get Contacts. I was therefore the tech broker for the entire first 40 turns, sucking away all the Gold that the AIs would get from chasing down silly Barbs!

                  The greatest thing about all the early Contacts is that I got some great opportunities to buy foreign Workers. At 2150BC I have 7 foreign Workers, all purchased legally on the slave market. I guess there's nothing contradictory about a peacekeeper also being a slave driver!

                  Here's a shot of a typical transaction:
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                    Toward the end of this block I was forced to revise many of the plans that I had previously made.

                    1. The Iroquois got Polytheism before my 40-turn clock ran out, fast enough that I suspect they got it from a Goody Hut (how dare they?!). I only lost ~30 Gold on the research. Fortunately, I was the only one with Writing at the time (which I got from a Goody Hut of my own), so I switched to Literature in hopes of beating the AIs to that one.

                    2. With all the slaves working my lands, I'm way ahead in tile improvements, and so that only thing I'm missing is more Settlers. Thus I built a Granary in Washington instead of a Barracks in order to help Boston claim some land. New York, which I had tagged as my Worker city, produces enough Shields to be a relatively good Settler-pump of its own, so it also changed roles.

                    3. I'm trying desperately hard to keep the AIs from contacting one another, but I will probably need to cave in one of these turns because I can get some good Gold for Contacts, Gold which I will not see if the AIs meet each other by themselves. This will unfortunately speed up the tech rate.

                    My tentative plan at this point is to keep expanding, and build Barracks in all new cities. Then, with all the Gold I will have accumulated from 40-turn research, I should be able to upgrade to an army of Swordsmen capable of hurting the Mongols. I will purposefully deny myself one required Ancient era tech until my warmongering is complete or, more likely, I run into too strong an opposition. I'm targeting the Mongols because they're darned aggressive. Ideally I will also be able to take a chunk out of the Iroquois since they're the strongest AI and their Aggression rating is higher in the AU mod, but that probably will not be feasible.

                    Overall, I'm happy with these first 40 turns. One thing that I forgot to mention that I'm not happy about is losing two Scouts to Barbs. Not really a huge deal since I have almost all the Contacts, but I'm sure this has cost me another couple of Goody Huts.

                    Here are some stats for my empire, followed by a screenshot:

                    Cities: 3
                    Population: 9
                    Settlers: 1
                    Workers: 4
                    Slaves: 7
                    Military: 2 Scouts, 2 Warriors
                    Improvements: 1 Granary (Washington)
                    Techs: All second level (ahead of all civs but Iroquois with Polytheism)
                    Gold: 826, +12gpt
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                      And here's the log:
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                        You know, it never occurred to me before, but one of the reasons I don't like America is that you do not have the ability to research a Tier 2 tech right away. EXP/IND is a great combo, however.

                        Moved the Settler 3. Thank god we are IND. Founded T-ville. Alphabet at 20%. I figure that gets me to Tier 2 for both starting techs. Build a scout first.

                        Got a Settler from the first hut... WOO HOO!!

                        Due to difficult terrain, chose not to build camps. 3-tile RCP it will be... hardcore, as in 8 surrounding towns. So I could just build where the Settler stands, but obviously T-ville111 is a much more attractive site.

                        Warrior after Scout in T-ville. Same pattern for NYC.

                        Started granary in T-ville, but changed my mind a bit later... no great food tiles, and the city will be hemmed in. Also, started seeing signs of pangaea... that means a LOT of Scouts.

                        Met Babs first, quickly followed by Mongols, Iroq, and India. Much tech trading.

                        Got a friggin' town!! Boston... a little far, but towards the western horses.

                        Meet Spain in 2800 BC... she must have been damn hut-lucky, being on par in tech.

                        Math from a hut.

                        Got even luckier with huts in the late 2K BCs... found three at the extremities of scouting. 25g, maps, Mysticism. More trades, incl. two slaves from the Babs.

                        Meet Rome. Meet Germany. Both very backward.

                        Meet Japan... same.

                        Wow, that was fun! Haven't played a game like this in a while.

                        7 Scouts, 2 Workers, 2 slaves, and 5 reg Warriors (one for each town).

                        T-ville is going military, and the Mongols are gonna get it first... [Austin Powers] yeah baby, yeah [/Austin Powers].

                        At tech parity with the AI leaders, Writing in 20, but already kickin' boo-tay, #1 in all the important stats.

                        This has the making of an epic.
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                          Glad everyone's enjoying the game so far. Hopefully it's a little more difficult than AUSG101.

                          What's with all the settlers from huts?

                          Oh, and welcome back Nathan.


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                            I don't have time for a very detailed DAR. I think there are too much DAR threads, anyway, and I hardly can post in all of them. Playing with standard rules at emperor. Here's a quintessence.

                            I built 3 scouts in my capital. One of them got lucky and found an advanced tribe at distance 8 to the WSW (New York). That makes rings at 4, 8 and may be 12. 2 warriors, a settler (Boston) and then a granary in my capital, even though it has no bonus food. I later built a barracks in it too, and it's perfect to build spearman/settler or warrior/warrior/settler cycles. Since it's high food, I build a granary in Boston too.

                            Looking at the other posts here, I should have founded Boston to the other side of the river, that would've made more sense, even more since I later relocated Philadelphia 1 tile to its east. Oh well.
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                              Posting to mark the page.

                              This is going to be my first AU game!

                              Im not going to read to much here or else it will spoil it.
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