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  • I will have it soon......

    I do not as of yet have Civ2 but I'm planning to get it from a friend this upcoming tuesday......

    I would like some general help with the game as I will not have a manual with it and I would also like some help with what to do in the game....Hence I posted on the strat area of the forum.

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    At the top of this forum is the thread "Great Library Index." It contains links to many strategy discussions that would be of great use. Sadly, I think some of the links are dead, but you may yet have luck. In particular, look for:

    SSC (super science city)
    OCC (one city challenge) - it is a fast game that helps you learn to run at peak science efficiency. Science is key in CivII, as it gives you tech leads, which in turn give you advantages in all other aspects of the game.
    ICS (infinite city strategy) - you spread your civ like a rash, going not for good cities, but domination thru numbers. This is at the opposite extreme of the pendulum swing from OCC. You learn to optimize production and conquest.

    Once you try them, hone your play to your preferences. Above all, have fun! CivII can be like a drug... "just one more turn, really, just one more..."
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      The Great Library index is a kazillion times better than anything you'd find in the manual.

      There is an in game guide called the Civlopedia.It covers pretty much any question that should arise when starting Civ2..despite numerous mistakes
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        If you want general help with the game, and don't have the manual, I'd suggest you play the tutorial. There's a saved game that comes with Civ2 called 'tutorial', or something like that. It'll give you the gist of how the game mechanics work.

        Otherwise.. the Great Library is a good place to learn strategies once you get to the point where you need them. My one piece of advice would be to familiarize yourself with the relationship between trade arrows, gold, science (beakers) and luxuries (diamonds) in the city report screen. Knowing how to balance these out, and maximize trade, is a key to success for a lot of us.

        Or... just pop the disk in there and start on Deity level... you may turn out to be the next Ming (he's an admin here, and either holds or held a lot of records).

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