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  • Large map deity

    Could anyone point me to threads which involve Deity victories on large computer generated maps with raging hoardes. I always seem to read about small maps or world maps, but I prefer the mystery involved in cp generated maps. I also always play with max civs, is this a suicidal game? I suppose that ics can work here too, but I have yet too try. Size 5 strat is pretty good but it takes the fun out of the game by consuming so much time every turn.
    I must go now

    one last thing I have been out of the picture for nearly a year (I even forgot my old ID and password) but it is good to see Scouse git is still around.

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    Hi Boney!

    There are lots of ways to tackle a Large Map. A few weeks ago we were discussing ICS and the trade sleaze.


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      Thanks Scouse Git,
      That was a helpful post, but how do I cope with the restless hoardes popping up from nowhere?

      By the way, whilst reminiscing about Bobby Moore and Geoff Hurst, I remembered that Alf wanted me to send you his regards. Shame about the old moo.