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  • Last minute salvation

    Russians in turmoil. Riots everywhere.

    Crusaders disbanding in the face of mongol catapults as they advance to the wall-less restless cities.

    Michaelangelo's Chapel 3 turns away. Cash: 30 gold short of buying the wonder - nothing else to sell. The Celts are completing Mikes the next turn. The mongols are approaching unstoppped. All russian units have exhausted their movement points except:

    A NONE legion lost in the middle of nowhere on a river. The river twists: the ways are south and east.

    Decision: south.

    1/3 movement
    2/3 movement: hut on the next square!!
    3/3 movement: tip hut: 50 gold!!!

    Buying Mike, contentmement restored, production up to the level, attacking units in production!

    This actually happened some time ago, you can imagine my delightment and disbilief at tipping that hut!

    Ever came up with a situation that was so dire but still you managed to save the day on the very last minute?

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    I have affectionate memories of a game (long ago) in which someone or other, the Mongols I'll bet, had a spaceship up and I had to get a faster ship launched to beat them. Draining the treasury, selling improvements and disbanding units was going to leave me short and I was gloomily contemplating the impossibility of ending my alliance with them, engineering war, draining their coffers and getting to their not very accessible capital when it occured to me to talk to my gracious ally. Turns out he correctly considered my position pitiable and shelled out a sufficient sum to get my bird in the air!

    Since then a round of diplomacy has been my action of first resort when desperate for cash. It has now happened to me more than once that the very A1 opponent who is about to beat me to a wonder or whose city I have in my devious diplo's sights is the one who provides the needful.


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      Did get saved once by barbarians who took out the Mongol units bearing down on my capitol. The Mongols had killed all but the rush-built Musketeer standing bravely behind my walls. I was never so pleased to see massed Barbarian crusaders in my life. Bonus was the barbs left a leader alone right next to my capitol. So I rush built another musketeer aided by the $150 from the barb leader and survived. Made it to 2020 in that game, although I didn't "win" by conquest or AC.
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        I've seen quite a lot of situations like this.

        Most of the times I was buggered by civs that were actually weaker than me, but I ws busy constructing improvements instead of units. so I was moving my armies across my country (railways already there) until there was no rifleman left

        really, I took cities by that. all the riflemen used for attackingthe city, until the last one finally took it. bloody hell, was I building army for the next turns, to smash the enemy with artillery units and later also Bombers and Tanks


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          I do come accross such embarrassing situations too, but usually I am not so lucky.
          Rome rules


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            Who says CIV is all about skill?

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